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Humans like variety. Whether it is everyday dressing up or the food we eat. We especially like to experiment with food to satisfy our taste buds. The same food everyday diminishes our appetite for that food. We always prefer to have variety in what we eat

Humans like variety. Whether it is everyday dressing up or the food we eat. We especially like to experiment with food to satisfy our taste buds. The same food everyday diminishes our appetite for that food. We always prefer to have variety in what we eat. In this Internet era, our day begins and ends being online. It is quite easy to go online in search of gratifying your appetite for an exquisite evening. Just imagine after a long & hard day; you get home and mmmm, what an aroma?

These exquisite recipes are just a few clicks away from you in the times of Internet. There are thousands of varieties of recipes available. We are going to list and discuss few websites that allow adding and viewing recipes for your ready reference. A number of online sites share recipes online, where you can find the best recipes along with tips. Online recipes are easy enough to understand and the ingredients are easy to find. Besides you can easily copy, print, or email the recipe.

They provide methods of cooking as well as the ingredients, standard serving instructions etc. Recipe sites can help you in all kinds of food you prefer whether it is dietary food or pregnancy time food, even child food or food for week! You can use the ingredients you've at home and can find a recipe based on it. Some of online sites ask you to purchase their cookbooks while some of them ask you to register and log in to the site to view their recipes. If you find the cookbook to your interest, click to download it. Some sites may charge you for downloading the cookbook.

Many users simply copy the recipe and save it in their computer. has more than 40,000 free recipes. All recipes are created, tested, reviewed and approved by users worldwide. This site has a popular collection of recipes in sections like appetizers, Mexican, Italian, chicken recipes, soups and stews and many more. allows its users to create an online recipe box where they can manage private recipes, submit recipes and photos, post recipe ratings and reviews, create shopping lists, and more.

The distinguishing feature of this site is that of creating a cookbook. You can publish your favorite recipes in your personalized cookbook. is an interactive site for Canadian families featuring food, nutrition recipes and family information. has a categorized section in their menu. It also gives out timely ideas, real solutions for a healthy lifestyle, tips, and great recipes. provides a personal Recipe Box where users can save their favorite recipes from the recipe menu, or add their personal recipes to share with the world.

You can also join online forums, where you can chat and discuss with other readers. is one of the great online recipe cookbooks. This site has different varieties of recipes to prepare food items that attract food lovers. provides tips to prepare quality, nutritious and healthy foods. Beside all this they have introduced how prepare food from their own special products, like Kraft cheese. They have categorized recipes into dinner, food and family, healthy living, delicious cereals and cereal bars for the convenience of users.

To help lovers of cooking has a section known as cooking school where there is an extensive collection of cooking videos, tips, and more. allows storing all favorite recipes in one spot. Just sign up for free and get your own personal recipe box to store your favorite recipes from the Kraft Kitchens, or a favorite from other online recipe cookbooks. Kraft foods invite its viewer to post their recipes and share their secrets of making delicious food.

Yahoo is mainly known as search engine. It has a special section on food where recipes are also featured. Yahoo food's recipes section features articles and blogs on food recipes. The Yahoo recipes section has functionality to filter by ingredient, meal, cuisine, occasion, diet, dish, taste, method that help visitors to find recipes. Yahoo food features a home food section where you can find recipes according categories: Everyday, Special Day, Recipes, Blogs, Restaurant and Cook. It's the best way to find recipes every day and on special occasions. This site also has Food Videos with reviews and recipe of the day.

Yahoo foods allow you to send email from the site and also to take a printout of each recipe. There are so many amazing and delicious vegetarian and Non Vegetarian recipes on the Web, you could spend days scouring every cyber corner and barely scratch the surface of what's out there. Wouldn't it be great if there were one place on the Net where you could access those thousands and thousands of recipes? Well now there is! G2bux Recipes, it's the Best of the Net Recipe Collection.

Now everyone can use the Internet to make living delicious and easy! Each month hundreds of new recipes are added by genuine users here on G2bux recipe section from variety of corners around the world. Do you have a favorite recipe you'd like to add? There is a provision to post it and it will be listed on your recipe list instantaneously. G2bux allows sharing of recipes, cooking tips, and serving suggestions. Visitors can search recipes by tags. This is a good feature and it saves time. G2bux also has a feature to send recipes to a friend and allows users to share the link of a particular recipe with your friends by mailing them. You can post a comment on each other's recipe. Above all, G2bux gives 2 G2bux Points for each recipe you add.


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