The 10 essential elements you must include in every offer.

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Before you begin writing any e-mail promotion , it’s important that you sit down And clearly map out your offer. Do not skip this critical step.

Before you begin writing any e-mail promotion , it’s important that you sit down
And clearly map out your offer. Do not skip this critical step.

You want to make sure that you have all the details of your offer sitting in front of
you before you start writing , because you’re literally  going to be plugging this
information into a formula. And if you want it to flow together nicely, you need
be focused on the “big picture” – the overall structure and layout – when you are
writing … not scrounging up the details as you go.

 You’ll need to prepare answers to the following 10 questions in advance:

  1. What action do you want your readers to take?
      Promotions that focus on a single offer will pull much better results that
      promotions that include several offer.
  2. How will readers benefit from responding to your call to action?
      Benefits are an extremely important component of your e-mail promotion,
      because it’s the benefits that push the readers to follow up through on your
      call to action.
  3. How will create urgency in your offer?
      Urgency is critical because it’s what compels your readers to act TODAY
      rather than put it off with the intention of “coming back” another time.
  4. Does your offer include NUMEROUS compelling benefit or just one?
      If you need to communicate multiple benefits, you may want to write copy
      that includes bullet point, which allow you to cover information quickly
      in a small space and keep the text “scannable” by maintaining lots of
      white space .
  5. How long should your copy be?
      Once you’ve decide how many benefits your letter will include, and which format
      you will be presenting it in, you’ll be able to decide on letter length.
  6. What links will be included and where should they appear?
      If you’re including a link to your web side , you need to make sure
      that it doesn’t appear too early in the letter. You call to action
      with your link should appear after you’ve presented your benefits
      and created urgency.
  7. Who is  the audience  you’re targeting?
      It’s really important that you decide this in advance, because the more
      personal you can make your letter , the more sales it’s going to generate.
  8. Who is e-mal coming from?
      This should be an easy decision – you should ensure that all of your e-mai
      promotions come from the same person within your business.
  9. What contact information will you  provide?
      The last paragraph of any e-mails you send should include a contact e-mail
      address for anyone with questions. Always  remind your readers that you’re
      a real person.
  10. What “extra” benefit will you include in your P.S.?
       So it’s a good idea to include an effective P.S. that either restates  the biggest
       benefit of your offer or includes a “bonus” grabber benefit that isn’t
       mentioned in the body of the e-mail.


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