7 Steps to Network Marketing Success - Part 1: Why are You in Network Marketing?

Submitted by Janet Valerie Ellershaw | Category: Business | Published on Nov 29, 2007
If you are in Network Marketing, or thinking about it, it is critical to understand why you ae doing this. When you understand this, and have a big Why (reason to be successful) your business will grow faster.
You may have already joined a company, or you may be looking or considering getting a Network Marketing business. It is critical that you ask yourself Why? Why do you want a Network marketing business? Sure this business model offers great benefits – money, residual income, time freedom, tax benefits and more. Make sure that your company has great products that you would use whether you were in the company or not. It is wise to join a company that is well established (not a new startup) because given that you are serious about your business, it would be pointless to put your time and energy into a startup and have it fall over after a couple of years (the failure rate for startups is very high). So why do you want to be successful in Network Marketing? Really think about it. What are your end goals, your vision, and your picture of the future? People often answer this one with “money of course”. Ok, so what will you do with the money? Maybe pay bills, buy things like houses and cars, go on vacation, pay for the kid’s education, donate to charity, and so on. Decide how you will feel once you have this great business earning you lots of money. Imagine what your typical day will be like. The more you think about it and the clearer your picture, the more likely it is that you will be successful. Attach emotion to your picture and it will be even more powerful. Make sure you write down your ideal future, and get pictures of the things that you want. Make a book, picture board or a treasure box that you can look at every day. This is great fun to do. One great idea is for those people who want a new car. Go to the dealership, sit in the exact car you want and have a photo taken. Stick it up at home or in your office so you see it all the time. When you do these things you actually engage your subconscious mind to work for you. This is more powerful than you can imagine. What it means is that while you are going about doing your daily activities, your subconscious mind is working out how to get what you want. This is our creativity at work. Then you have to listen to the messages that come through, and take action to build your business.                                                                                             About the author:

Janet Ellershaw has many years of experience in the business world, including running her own successful business and working in the corporate world.  She is a pharmacist with a passion for keeping people healthy.  Click here to find out how Janet builds her online business




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