Are You Selling or Networking ?

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Internet Business Strategies for Networkers, how to optimise your marketing effort and eliminate your sells Anxiety. Just a business don't make you sucessful, Automated Systems Do !

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Hi today we talk about Selling or Networking?

Most of the poeple find it hard in the network marketing or MLM Business
because they try to sell things and teach the same to the new members they
enroll in their Network Marketing business.

Now with that kind of aproach to MLM who's going to profit?
Guess what?
The top salesman that enroll the 98% that is gone quit
after give leave a couple more sells in retail income.

Now if that great SalesMan would like to get some more income he will have
to sale more and never stop with out building any organisation at all because
you can't duplicate salesman in large scale.

By doing so he will find new tricks like flashing his brand new car and his checks
he recieved by selling a software nobody if interested or a made up products to
make the system in place that make cash only to the few salesman at the top
and never produce a leveradge and residual income for the thousands of new comers.

Howmany times you have bought something you didn't need or wanted?
Many times like everyone that is because the salesman was a good one then
when you came back home and you realized you fund your-self thinking;
that salesman really got me !

Now when that salesman will come back to you would you by a new things from him?

No ! because he got you once and he will not twice
if you answer is yes, you have got some serious issue to work on, anyway.

Do you follow me ! in the salesman mind the goal is selling and he will do it with
any tolls or way that is available to him and that's why is not duplicable.

MLM and Network Marketing it's never has been about selling;
is all about Sorting, and Mentoring people.

All the successful Top earners in Network Marketing and MLM are using
100% of them a System that does the sorting

once the new entrepeneurs are sorted out by the System they
only talk and work with the workers, because time is money and
when you build a leveradge and residual income for the rest of your life
you do not have time to waiste with the windows shoppers.

Than they do three things:

1) Take orders from the customers that are ready to buy.

2) Provide customers service and answer questions.

3) Training the new sorted entrepeneurs to take ordes and provide
customers service and answer questions.

I'm sure you will be more careful on your next opportunity

take care my friend

Sergio Ervini

Copyright 2007 ? Sergio Ervini


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