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Abstract: provides the ideal service for customers on the search for a compatible medium between dedicated and virtual hosting. provides the ideal service for customers on the search for a compatible medium between dedicated and virtual hosting. A Virtual private server or VPS is an independent virtualized server which enables the full functionality of the dedicated server. However, this is made possible at a very low price. The VPS is a way to partition or separate the physical server into a multiple number of servers. Each and every one of these servers carries the potential of running its own dedicated machine which includes the RAM, disk resources and CPU. This makes it possible for the client to customize or configure their operating system according to their specific requirements.

One might wonder as to what makes the VPS different from the virtual server. The primary difference lies in greater flexibility. The virtual private server provides the user with greater flexibility and performance when compared to a virtual hosting account. This includes installing softwares that would not run in the virtual hosting system.

The virtual private servers on offer from come in five different packages. These are the VPS 128, VPS 256, VPS 512, VPS 1024 and VPS 2048. The prices of these packages are different according to the variations in the specifications.

Nevertheless, ensures that cheap hosting is provided. VPS 128 comes at the cost of $ 14.95, while VPS 256 is priced at $ 24.95. VPS 512 is priced at $44.95 and VPS 1024 comes at $ 79.95. The most expensive among the packages is VPS 2048 which is priced at $149.95.  When selecting the VPS it is good to pick the one that is in size close to the requirements of the user. The packs come with guarantees for replacement of hardware as well as 24 hour technical support.

The time taken to for one’s account to be made ready may vary according to the package selected. Usually, the VPS can be made active within ten to a maximum of fifteen minutes after the order. This however, is subject to variations according to the specifications. However, is reputed to be extremely swift and efficient in the process of setting up. It is possible for a single client to buy multiple VPS accounts. In such a case it is however, advisable to try out the dedicated hosting services provided by It must be remembered that the VPS is a system that is unattached to anything else and is open to complete customization. It provides a cheap and efficient method to bring the size of one’s server to tally with the needs of the user. Browse their official website at to select one as per your needs.


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