New Company Puts Online Money Making Opportunities to the Test

Submitted by Michael Webster | Category: Business | Published on Nov 29, 2007
New company tests online programs that claim they can make you a million dollars. Results offered for free to the public.
A new company, MZ & Company Inc. has decided to challenge the internet's programs that claim they can make you a million bucks! MZ & Company started in the beginning of June, and in an effort to get their name known has decided to test run all the largest money making programs online. They have started July by testing Jeff Paul's Shortcuts to Internet Millions program. In August, they plan to test John Alexander's Inverse Ownership program. September has the company testing Robert Allens Enlightened Millionaire's challenge, and October has them testing Billy Briggs Type-at-home program. MZ & Co Inc. deals primarily with men's electric razors, cell phones, and online consulting and appears to have no ties to any of the programs it is testing. They expect their results from the Jeff Paul program by the first week in Aug. Go to their website to find out more information, They are asking for public support to help get an accurate evaluation of each programs pros and cons.


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