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Is it possible to double your MLM Marketing paycheque instantly? How do we do it? What steps do we need to take to make this consistent, so we can achieve consistent results all the time? These questions and more I answer in this article.
Is it possible to double your MLM Marketing paycheque instantly? How do we do it? What steps do we need to take to make this consistent, so we can achieve consistent results all the time? These questions and more I answer in this article. Let?s begin by playing a game. If I offer you $100,000, that?s $100k right now, in one go, here you go, here?s $100k or? I offer you a cent (yes one cent), each year for the next 30 years, and we double every year. So, this year 1 cent, next year 2 cents, the 3rd year 4 cents, in the 4th year 8 cents? till we reach 30 years. Which do you go for? I?ll tell you the answer in a bit, about who actually wins the race. I think you?ll be surprised. And this is why MLM Marketing is a great business to be in. Doubling you MLM Marketing is simple in principle; we have either selling double more products or doubling the amount of people in out MLM Marketing organisation. However, apart from this what else do we have to double our paycheque in MLM Marketing? * Personal Development Personal Development is a great way to increase your paycheque. Why? Simply, you learn new skills which improves you, and more you feed your mind, more your mind will feed your pocket! Whether learning customer service skills, improving selling skills or communication skills, all these add to your paycheque. So how can we gain an increase instantly? Let?s look at an example with me. I was listening to Lead the Field by Earl Nightingale (which you can get hold of as part of being in my team); in there I found a principle of looking at your own back yard for the diamonds. As a result I managed to find people who I never thought would be ideal for my business. I helped them with what I learned and taught them. Also they had access to Lead the Field as well, being part of my team. As a result I doubled income through that channel; the person went forward and made phenomenal growth, which benefits both of us. Constantly develop yourself; it is of so much value to your whole life, not just your pocket. And what you learn is transferable to all different areas of your life, not just in MLM Marketing. * Teach your team Commit time to train your team. My success has come from coaching my team. And reading about Earl Nightingale again, I remember finding he ended up buying a business, and coaching everyone there. As a result the business multiplied exponentially and mushroomed! * Go premium Some systems offer you to pay extra membership fee which also includes generally more material, etc? And as a result you double your commissions! You gain access to material which is worth its weight in gold. So it?s a win ? win situation. *Serve more, offer more, and sell more Mastermind with your team. Have meetings, even though these may not earn you money there and then in your MLM Marketing business. It will allow you to speak about your goals, and your teams goals. It creates a bond between the team members. And more people who work on a common vision in synergy is worth more then the parts. If you find you can?t speak to your MLM Marketing downline about your goals. Then you will not achieve them. A big dream needs a big team. And if you find you can?t talk to them, go back to step 1 Personal Development, and remove those negative beliefs. To succeed I need you and you need me. This creates a good win ? win in a team. You will double your paycheque with your MLM Marketing Company and achieve so much more. And your MLM Marketing downline might have resources or skills you never knew. * MSI?s for success in your MLM Marketing home internet business Multiple Sources of income are great ways to double your paycheque. You have a team and want to teach them to get to the top, they need things to succeed. And you have the ability to help them get it. Find something which helps them achieve there goals. It is said if you help someone achieve their dreams, then you can have your dreams. *Focus on your strengths and manage your weaknesses Figure out what your good at in your MLM Marketing home business. Find out everything you love to do or could find a reason to love to do. And find your weaknesses. When you meet with your team to mastermind, ask and find out everyone?s strengths and weaknesses. It might be a point of focus to use one of your MLM Marketing team mastermind sessions to devote about your MLM Marketing teams strengths and weaknesses and find out how you all can mix and match to create win ? wins. It will serve you in the long run, you will build a winning MLM Marketing team, and you will achieve consistent doubling of paycheques, not just for you, but all of your team. And you gain major loyalty. And ultimately you want to create a loyal following to you, not the company. Imagine if the MLM Marketing company your with went bust? With a strong team you can go anywhere and still achieve the same success. *Get more effective, set systems on autopilot What can you do to make the most efficient use of your time? Can you put an answering machine on with a message of frequently asked questions with answers to help people? Can you set your email program to do the same? Can you set up a web site or blog to help your team and in the process find more people who are perfect for your MLM Marketing business? There are many ways you can automate things. If you have material you send out to people. Print out multiples, slightly extra, then you don?t have to keep going back to print them. Use copy and paste on your PC! This will save re-typing something and possibly making mistakes, such as you have names in your MLM Marketing programs backend and you need to email them. Copy and paste! * Make the decision to double your MLM Marketing paycheque. You fully can double your MLM Marketing paycheque. All it takes is you make the decision to, believe you can and you will. As long as you continue, continue, continue, you will. Doubling your MLM Marketing paycheque is fully possible. When people see you genuinely care about their business and there wants and needs then you can double your MLM Marketing results. In my next article to you, I will be speaking about why new MLM Marketers shouldn?t quit there day jobs. So where?s the answer to the game? See my resource box. Till then? To your greatest success, Kozan Huseyin ~ MLM Marketing Expert, Internet Marketer, Writer.


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