The Benefits of Internet Marketing by Phil Laboon

Submitted by Phil Laboon | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Nov 29, 2007
In this educational article Phil Laboon, a well respected internet marketing specialist, will go into detail the benefits of internet marketing. Phil also explains some basic search engine optimization tips and suggestions anyone can use for higher traffi
Internet marketing has become the most successful way to promote almost any business. In fact, any business that sells products or services to consumers should be on the Internet because that's where their customers are. Internet marketing outperforms any other form of advertising in both cost and quality when done correctly, There are several advantages that Internet marketing has over other forms of marketing and advertising. It is significantly cheaper and brings a considerably higher return on investment. Your prospective client-base is growing by over 100 million people per year. It allows you to market what you are selling to the entire world at no extra cost. It provides you with an instant sales opportunity as prospective customers come directly to your site. Potential customers have access to an entire website full of information and can take as much time to learn about your product or service. It is a long-term investment that exposes your company to possible customers for years to come. Every visitor that comes to your site is actively looking for what you are offering. Your website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Keywords are an effective affordable way to uncover your business? internet marketing potential. Many online businesses merely rely on keywords or phrases they think best describe their services or company. By conducting a search to learn what unique keywords might bring visitors to your site you are likely to increase the number of exclusive visits to your site. But did you know that you know every time you write an article you can rank for dozens of keyword phrases you didn?t even think of. For example, you may have written an article going after the keyword phrase ?Pittsburgh Internet Marketing? but because of all quality content you may also rank high for dozens of other keyword phrases such as Discount Internet Marketing, Pittsburgh Marketing Company, Search Engine Optimization in Pittsburgh, PA Internet Marketing Services, etc... So remember to sprinkle in multiple keyword phrases into your articles for secondary keyword rankings. Customers do not have time to waste if a site has broken links and missing pages. Providing quality content on your web site is imperative so you can gain your visitor?s trust but also to your search engine rankings. Many search engines will actually reward you with better rankings for updating stale content with new freshly updated content. Remember, in order to see the best results you must write new articles weekly as well as update high traffic pages (like the homepage) with fresh new content bi-weekly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge based articles can also provide a considerable boost to your marketing efforts. Internet marketing is affordable for everyone who uses a combination of keyword strategies, advertising and keeps their websites maintained and Not enough info for you? Contact Phil Laboon, an internet marketing expert located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or if your in Pittsburgh you can visit Eyeflow - a full service Pittsburgh internet marketing.


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