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Submitted by Dean L Leverett | Category: Business | Published on Mar 13, 2008
Many people have failed in the network marketing industry and have been in many ventures, this article will show you how to have network marketing success.

Many people have failed in the network marketing industry and
have been in many ventures, this article will show you how to
have network marketing success.  There are many businesses out
there that tell you to prospect your friends and family, but
normally all that will lead to is disassociation with them in
the long run.  In this article you will learn a few points on
how to market without creating enemies out of your friends.  So
here are your keys to network marketing success.

Many network marketing companies will try to train you by other
untrained teachers/mentors.  For example, if you needed a
problem with your plumbing fixed, would you call a team of
computer technicians to repair it?  No most would not and yet
that is what these companies are doing.  They are people that
have never owned a networking company trying to show you how to
market a product in this industry.  There are ways around this
through a system that is taught by people who have had a lot of
network marketing success.

Another issue with many companies is that they teach you to
market products, whether it be door to door, by cold calling
phone leads, or however else they want you to accomplish this
feat.  People must understand that in this industry we must
learn about relationship marketing.  People drive the business
not the products.  If we can learn how to understand and
empathize with another human network marketing success is to be
had.  Just be personable and learn to communicate with the
people that you associate with in business.  This will most
likely assist you in personal endeavours as well.

It is said that 98% of all network marketers fail.  I personally
do not believe this to be true.  I would instead say that 98% of
all network marketers do not stay in the race for the long run.
If you stick with it and keep on going you will definitely have
network marketing success.  This industry takes work and a time
commitment, if someone wants quick cash for no work this is
definitely no the industry to be in.  All it takes normally is
just an hour or so a day and sticking it out for at least one
full year to be successful.

We are in the age of the internet and through research on how to
advertise your products and services, it becomes possible to
never "bother" your friends and family again.  Instead,  build
your business with the use of the internet and only let your
opportunity come up in normal small talk.  This way they can see
that you do have something available if and when they desire it,
but at the same time you do not put them off immediately trying
to be a salesman from the get-go.  These are just a few of the
keys of network marketing success.

Dean L Leverett is an entrepreneur from Arkansas.  He shows
others how to make online business a success. Visit his website


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