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Submitted by Gill Dodier | Category: Business | Published on Feb 02, 2008
Internet marketing can be rewarding, once you learn the ropes, you will know what it is like to make money, even while you sleep

For my first three months of internet marketing, I spent thousands of dollars on usuless schemes and got no where until I became an affiliate for a well known company selling domain names registration. I did classified advertising in newspapers,phoned all my friends,passed around newsletters and business cards, and I did attend a few webinars, all to no avail, bsically, a waste of my time.

A friend suggested to advertise on Google, at first I was instructed to put one ad on Google and use one keyword, it worked very good for 2 months , then Google increased my keyword cost from .60 to 12.00 per click, I call Google, they told me that my keyword did not accurately describe the kind of business I was promoting. I did get an E-book about Google Adwords, I follow some of the instructions, I put 15 ads on Google and 500 to 600 keywords for each ad, some keywords had to be deleted and replaced, but my cost was .05 to .20 per click for those keywords, with lots of traffic and sales.

My keyword bids .05 to .35 no more no less. I had to try different ads and lots of different keywords but this is what it's all about. I am making money on the internet, I have a growing downline with residual income + bonus money as well as my primary business growing every day.


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