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Submitted by George William Pennells | Category: Blogs | Published on Oct 22, 2008
Blogging is a way to share your opinions. Blogging can increase your credibility. It is a platform that makes it ideal to market your business and to make money online.

Blogging means creating a blog or weblog which consists of frequently updated journal entry style posts on a webpage.

Blogging includes new information that is continuously updated. Blogging is a way to share your opinions and thoughts to the rest of the world. If you post interesting things, share links with other bloggers and post comments on other blogs. Blogging can boost your image, exposure, reputation and revenue. Blogging builds your credibility. You can in fact become an expert in your field of interest. Blogging also has a low barrier of entry. Anyone can blog and participate in a discussion. The above makes it clear that blogging is a model that can be effectively used to market your business.

One of the main reasons behind this is that blogging is egalitarian. You are not judged by how many degrees you have or how many pages you have published in the past. You are only judged by the quality of your writing and the ideas you have. This makes blogging an ideal platform for business purposes. Another great thing using blogs is that it is inexpensive. This makes it appealing for newbies. The fact that marketing and promotion cost are low makes using blogs ideal for making money online.

Yes, blogging can be described as a grounds-up publication business that requires more dedication than capital. Blogging takes a lot of hard work and patience. Placing posts on your blog are more informal than placing articles for instance, but this is where a lot of bloggers actually slip up. Blogging is still writing and it still means that the proper skills and tools for language and grammar should be used. It is very different from other styles of writing.

Shorter paragraphs are used and there is more use of imperative. If you intend to use blogging as a business tool you must remember that it is all about dialogue and the opportunity to interact with your audience. Many posts on your blog will not receive comments, but when they do you have to be ready to respond else you could lose your credibility. Today there is an array of tools available to bloggers to permit them to share their information with ease.

Podcasts and video blogs are the perfect way to get your information out there and serve as a good alternative to the written word. Bloggers should at least try it out every once in a while on their blogs. Web2.0 is one of the hottest words around. It is a phrase that describes how you can get visitors on your blog involved in the blogging process. This is done by allowing your visitors to post comments, vote in polls and viewing videos directly from your blog posts.

As you can see blogging sets the stage for you to make money online. Many corporate executives are still complacent when it comes to using blogs as business tools. If you want to enter blogging as means of making online you must realize that it is not a get rich scheme. Statistics show that most bloggers only earn less than a dollar a day.

To make money online with blogs you need to find a niche and stay focused on your topics of choice and the niche you want to attract. Also use all the tools that are available to you to promote your blog. For more information on great systems to start profitable blogs visit my blog at


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