Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting

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I am using Microsoft Windows on my PC, this means I have to get a Windows web hosting plan for my website. Is this true? Read on for more info.

Most web hosting companies offer a range of Linux and Windows web hosting packages to suit almost every user’s needs. Given these many choices, users are often confused or unsure which Linux or Windows package is suitable for them. Here are some tips in choosing the right package:

Linux vs Windows Hosting
Most people are under the assumption that because you use Microsoft Windows on your desktop, you should go with Windows web hosting packages. This is simply not true because your website is not residing on your desktop but in the web server. Below are some points to consider in choosing a hosting platform:

  1. Cost Windows is from Microsoft. Linux is open source and mostly free. This means web hosting providers for windows web hosting packages will have to pay high license fees to setup a Windows server, and this could make the Windows web hosting packages slightly more expensive, due to the higher implementation cost involved.
  2. Scripting Language If you are going to build your website in ASP, ASP.NET, Access, Microsoft SQL or any other Microsoft proprietary technologies, then certainly you will need to go with Windows web hosting packages. Linux web hosting on the other hand, supports PHP and MySQL, both very widely used these days. Both Linux and Windows supports HTML pages, it doesn’t matter you build them in Frontpage or Dreamweaver.
  3. Stability Generally Windows is less stable and less secure. The main reason is because Windows is more widely used in home desktops, and so hackers have more interest in finding flaws in them.
  4. Speed Given the same hardware specification and the same level of usage, there should not be any noticeable speed difference between the two platforms.
  5. Free/Open Source Software On the Linux platform, there are many free and/or open source software readily available for the user to use. Most of the time, many of these useful and fantastic open source software are packaged in a software called Fantastico. With Fantastico, users can install software like discussion forum, classifields, poll systems, shopping carts, and etc with several mouse clicks – just like the pro! Fantastico is offered free of charge on most Linux hosting packages, including those on In general, we recommend that users go with Linux web hosting packages because of value-for-money and better features.

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