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Submitted by David C Hazlett | Category: General Interest | Published on May 13, 2008
How Creating an Online Business has Changed my life. Having online Access has compleately changed the way I do business. I used to have a business that was unrelated to the online.

My name is David Hazlett, let me share with you how The Buisness I am in completely changed not only my financial situation but my life.

Iím a 46 year old who 3 year's ago got married and relocated from Pennsylvania to Georgia, to start fresh with my new wife and two Kids.

 I had owned a Trucking Company and in the mid 90's was making lots of money but then after 911 hit and the economy took a nose dive I kept making less and less because the costs of fuel kept going up and up.

One day I received an offer to sell the business. quite frankly I was really happy to unload it since it was becoming less and less profitable each year.  At that point I started my online adventure looking for that elusive dream of making it big on the internet.  In two years I had spent all of the money I had received from the sale of my Trucking business and was an additional $50,000.00 in the hole. Teetering on the brink of bankruptcy

I ran across a business that included alot of step by step training,  Initially I used what I learned from the trainings to develop my Online Business and the results were to say the least Incredible. That was over a year ago when I first found this great opportunity.  Thru this opportunity I became an Internet GURU.

Starting the New Year I decided to take what I knew and create an Online Training Porgram for those who join my business as a partner.

About Me; I am blessed to have two children, ages 10 and 12 and a beautiful wife.  We have taken several trips including a cruise of the Caribbean.  I also flew the family to California where we will stayed in a Condo and enjoyed traveling throughout Southern California.  This has all been possible because of The Diamond Program. The people who join my team earn $1,000.00 to $3,000.00 per day.  Imagine this, if you earn $3,000.00 per day, that's over One Million Dollars per year.

While there is a financial Commitment as well as a time commitment on your part there is also a commitment of time on our part as well so we are very picky about who we choose to invite to join our team.  There are three major criteria that I have for People who join my team. 1. You must be Coachable. 2. You must be able to follow directions. 3. You must be honest and ethical in all of your business dealings. Anybody interested in becoming one of my marketing partners feel free to check out my website at


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