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Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Jul 01, 2010
Metric goes long way to determine how engaged your customer really is. Top Exit Pages are beneficial because it provides some nuggets of gold. Metric can help you to find where may be a leak on your website.

Have you installed your web analytics solution and gathered metrics of your website?

If yes then now what?

You should start out by using a few simple key metrics. To help you pick up these few metrics first you should have answers to these questions. These two questions you can ask yourself

  • Why did you start your website?
  • What is your goal by having website?

These two key questions will give you a good start to determine the metrics that will be most beneficial. They will definitely help you to determine the type of website you have and what you want the website to be providing at the end of the day or a week, so you can stay focused and not get off-track with the numerous metrics available.

First you should look out at your Total Unique Visitors and Total Visits. These are two main metrics you should look to understand how much traffic your website experiences during a defined period. These two metrics will also serve as a basic for many of the other essential metrics . Just remember that Unique Visitors and Visits only go so far in telling you the "health" of your website.

You need the metrics that tells you whether your goals are being met or not. There are many types of websites but most of the websites have two purposes, commerce and non-commerce. For the commerce websites, you should start off by looking at revenues, return on investment-ROI, and conversion rate metrics. These metrics will definitely show you the bottom line like how much you are earning against how much you are spending and the percentage of visits leading to and orders.

Once you are comfortable with these metrics then you should start tracking Bounce Rate, Top Landing Pages, Visitor Loyalty, and Top Exit Pages. Bounce rate metrics will show you that how many people get on and leave without going anywhere else in your website. With commerce websites this is really major because it shows the percentage of potential customers that didn't even bother going to other pages. If you are having a large percentage (Over 60%) are bouncing than you require to fix your landing pages. Your top landing pages are important these days because with search engines like Google any page can be considered as a 'home page'. You may have noticed that very few people actually enter into your site from the home page.

Visitor Loyalty will show you how many of your visitors are repeating their frequency, this is key if you have a website where you rely on people returning and making multiple purchases. In this way you can keep a track of your website's visitors and covert them into sales.

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