It's Time To Prepare A Checklist To Review Your Website

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Web Design | Published on Feb 04, 2011
It's a right time for businesses to evaluate and to plan goals for the future and this includes the review, analysis.

You should download a copy of your website and take a back up onto DVD and then take a few minutes now and schedule to regularly download and backup a copy of your website after certain period of time and also schedule monthly or quarterly backups if you make regular changes and additions to your site or at the very least bi-annual or annual backups, because having an archived copy of your website on hand is essential if you ever need to replace or reinstall your website and it gives you an on-going business archive of your website and the changes made to it throughout the year.

You need to inspect and update old dates as well as time references throughout your website and do a replacement for last year's date on your site or better yet spend a few extra minutes now to program your website to update all dates and time references automatically so that you won't need to manually update them in the future.

You also need to keep eye on your domain names and what domain names do you currently own and when they are going to expire? Is the registration information for your domain name up to date and correct? By keeping your domain name registration contact information fresh and correct especially all email contacts you will be sure to receive timely notices or announcements and also renewals and you will be better able to manage and maintain your domain name effectively and efficiently.

Time to time brush up all company contact information placed on your website by going through web page check all addresses, telephone nos. and email addresses should all be double checked to ensure they are up to date and correct so double check that all email addresses listed on your website route to the correct person at your company. You need to verify links weather they are internal or external links on your website and broken links are a sure sign of a neglected and out of date website so they can also be a tremendous source of frustration to your visitors and create a bad impression so check and double check all links both on and off your website to ensure all are working and up to date also test your website forms by pretend you are a customer or potential customer on your website and complete and submit each form on your website.


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