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Submitted by Emma Smith | Category: Community | Published on Aug 21, 2012
Whether we consider it or not, world is heading toward something very dangerous and big. We are in need to make our surroundings green and pollution free now more than ever before.

Everything has a limit, even the unlimited. World in which we are living also have very limited resources of everything. Metal, coal, iron or any other resource, there is a particular limit of everything. If we consider this fact, do we really think that wasting all the time and producing new raw material and new products all the time is favorable for world and more importantly for us? What will we do when we will be having no resources at all? And wasting resources for producing new things is not the only con of our modern age; every new production brings a lot of haphazard side effects for environment. This is the most polluted and non eco friendly age mankind ever faced. Thanks to our different industries they have just taken the best out of our environment. But it’s about time that we should start thinking about our future and support everything that helps environment to go green. In recent times we have seen a type of art that can be very useful and handy when we talk about protection of environment. That art is known as Recycled art. In this article I will be explicitly describing that what are the functions of this art and how can it contribute.

Recycled Art vs. Classic Recycling:

Green Leaf of a Bio Plant in Nature As the name describes this type of art uses all kind of waste which includes old clothes, cars, appliances, furniture or anything you name it and convert it into something useful. One thing that amazes me about this type of art is that it is even diminishing the concept of classic recycling. Though the classic recycling is also being done for the sake of reusing the products but that it is not very eco friendly as well. Classic recycling impact the environment in a negative way plus it also consumes a lot of money and space as well. But these types of art use all the non toxic junk and create useful things out of them.

Save resources:

This art further have so many sub categories like Scrap metal art , Sci- fi art, art from scrap etc. Artist from all around the world collects all the non toxic junk and made scintillating and useful items. The very prime benefit that we can get from this is to save a lot of energy. New production always requires consuming new resources, and consumption of new resources means more pollution and less resources. By reusing the junk for something useful we minimize the energy spent on new production and this directly impact positively on the climate change.

Economical benefits:

The benefit list of recycled art does not end here. There are so many economical benefits are there as well. First of all it is not easy to waste and recycle all the junk it requires a lot of man power, money, and space to serve the cause. But on the other hand when an artist reuses some junk which might have ended up at a junk yard, he is giving something useful and productive back to economy.

Let’s Resurrect:

Along with Recycled Art there are so many other ways are there as well which can protect the environment and make it green. But the only need is to support everything with full heart. And we all have to think in long term rather than short term. Because if it is not effecting us today than it will impact our coming generations. And if we would not leave a green legacy than whom else would?


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