Writing Articles Should Be The 1st Marketing Strategy For new internet marketers

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If you can put pen to paper, (or in this day and age, fingers to keyboard) and make yourself understood with the written word, then writing and submitting articles is definately one of the more viable marketing methods online and it is one of the better m

Writing Articles Should Be The 1st Marketing Strategy For new internet marketers
by Misato Katsuragi

One of the most common questions that gets asked a lot about internet marketing is 'what is the best marketing method to use'?  In some ways, this isn't that easy of a question to answer, because everybody has certain marketing methods that they like best.

There are some methods however that are obviously great marketing methods for practically anybody, and there are also those that are never effective, no matter who uses them.

One of the more do-able marketing methods that beginning internet marketers can use is to write and submit articles.  Often times, this particular marketing method is overlooked by beginner marketers because they just can't picture themselves being able to write something that others would want to read.  They think that since they aren't a Mary Higgins Clark or a J. K. Rowling, that they don't have the ability to write any kind of literature or publication.  This belief is just not true, and it's a shame that so many don't give themselves enough credit to at least try writing a couple of articles. 

There are so many other marketing strategies out there, that one of the biggest problems beginning internet marketers face is deciding which internet marketing method to use.  The problem with that is that a lot of other internet marketing strategies are just not do-able for most people who have never tried to market an online business before.

One example is the resell rights marketing strategy.  Many financially successful internet marketers will tell new internet marketers that this is a great internet marketing strategy.  They will tell new internet marketers that it is easy to do, that they don't have to make websites or no HTML, that you can advertise your resell right's product to people on your list, and you can slap a ready made website up on the internet and then wait for the cash to roll in.

Now let's examine what is really involved in using this particular internet marketing strategy.  First of all, marketing your online business via resell rights is NOT as easy as many would have you believe. 

Second, you do have to know at least a little bit of HTML, and the more you know, the better.  You have to at least know some HTML or know how to use some kind of WYSIWYG or website editor.  People who don't want to or can't learn website design will not do good with resell rights.  Eveybody who uses the resell rights marketing method all have the exact same websites, and if you can't make your website different from everybody else's, then you won't stand out from the crowd, which means you won't get noticed, which in turn means you will make little to no sales.

Third, trying to sell to people on your list is not very do-able at all for beginnig internet marketers.  There are two main reason for this.  The first and most obvious is the new internet marketers don't even have a list, or else they have a very small list if they do.  The second reason is that even if a new internet marketer does have a list, the experienced and well established internet marketers will get these resell rights products well before they do, and by the time the people on their list sees their advertisement for the resell rights product that they are selling, they will have already seen a gazillion other ads for the same thing.  By the time a new internet marketer gets a chance to send his or her ad, the people on that person's list will be sick of seeing ads for that product instead of being tempted by the ad.

Fourth, as far as sticking up a website and then just waiting for the cash to roll in, you can't do that with any kind of internet marketing strategy.  The "Just slap a website up and wait for the money" has got to be one of the dumbest internt marketing comments that gets spread around by internet marketing gurus who know better.
Websites need to be modified, ads need to be tracked and maybe tweaked, and you also have to provide customer service on a regular basis (and remember we are talking about new internet marketers who don't have a staff to handle that),  just to name a few of your business duties that won't allow you to just sit back.

On the other hand, writing and submitting articles is one of the few internet marketing methods that significantly levels the playing field with veteran internet markers.  You write an article.  You put one or more links at the bottom of your article in the resource box. 

If you don't want the hassle of having a website, you can provide affiliate links that send the article reader to a website that you don't have to mess with.  You submitt your article to directories and other websites that accept articles.  The only other thing you would have to do is to write more articles and reapet the process.  This is so you can receive additional income or replace older articles that have pretty much run their course.

There are of course many ways you can market with articles, and a lot of these will make you even more money, but if you are new to internet marketing and want to keep things simple until you gain more internt marketing e xperience, then the above article marketing strategy would be a good way to go.  




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