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With the real estate market becoming increasingly difficult to navigate, many seek to supplement or replace their income thru Online Marketing. In fact, over 10 Million per month log onto Google and type in “work at home.”

With repeated attempts and subsequent failures on the internet, I became justifiably skeptical about earning a reasonable income online. I had serious doubts about the veracity of the many claims I found online, and their capacity for helping the average person.

Like most people, I was employed at the time and needed a sideline business on the internet that wouldn’t take too much time, or cost too much to start. After spending a considerable amount of time and money I eventually settled upon starting a travel website business, with a company called Coastal Vacations. This company built me a website to generate sales and all I had to do was advertise my website and follow up with prospects.

It all sounded too easy, and my gut instinct was correct when I discovered that operating an online business can become an insurmountable task for the inexperienced. With limited knowledge and marketing skills, I found myself searching for a mentor to help assist me with unanswered questions and day to day challenges. I knew it would be hard to generate cash flow online without the right plan and support. Yet when I contacted my sponsor he was unable to offer me any significant assistance on a regular basis and instead encouraged me to just dive in and figure it out by following the back office instructions.

I soon realized that reading and applying what I had learned without anyone to walk me thru it would prove to make internet marketing for my travel website a major source of frustration. The problem wasn’t the service or products I was offering. The problem was that without the ability to learn and implement marketing, nobody even knew my website existed! So after enduring continual obstacles I decided to put my coastal travel business on hold, until I could learn more about promoting a website properly.

 I looked endlessly online for information to help me become a better marketer and to generate free traffic to my website, so I could start making money and recoup my investment. After looking everywhere online, I ended up coming full circle to where I started. I decided to give my sponsor another opportunity to help me now that I was not so new and had learned what I thought to be “the basics.” After a search on Google failed to locate my original coastal sponsor, I came across a website offered training and support, from a different opportunity.

This company called EDC Gold promised to provide training 7 days a week for newcomers to internet marketing, and they offered anyone the opportunity to witness their level of support free, before anyone paid anything to join. With coastal I had failed to reach my goals and even when I attempted a second valiant effort, my sponsor was nowhere to be found. So there I was looking at yet another program promising the training and support I had been told would be there time and time again.

Needless to say, my sponsor had himself given up his internet business and I was not in a good mood at the thought of spending money on anything else, to make money online. So after months of analyzing different business opportunities and website advertising tools, realizing I was right back where I started, I was jaded and skeptical about anyone, or any other program “helping” me to succeed online.

My sponsor had actually quit the business, so I wasn’t ready to believe the right mentor could make all the difference. But after reading about the free training EDC Diamond provides on the link I found, I was impressed upon to once again get my hopes up. I decided to find out what the EDC Training Webinars were all about and if they could help me with my existing internet business.

Once I attended a webinar on a Tues night, I noticed that The EDC Diamond Company was not pushing products, or trying to sell me anything. Instead, they actually focused on teaching internet newcomers, and seasoned pros on how to successfully promote their own website online. Their training and knowledge truly spoke volumes about the company. To be frank, I was surprised EDC Diamond trainers did not resort to sales tactics during the insightful webinar training as so many companies do.

They did not use any kind of persuasive sales scripts to sell me or anything. They just offered sound advice on internet marketing each week, and it was free to attend for either new or paid members. After speaking with a top EDC Diamond Leader and Trainer I decided to wait and see if the EDC training could benefit my existing business online, as I was skeptical.Not long afterwards, I made a sale for my coastal vacations business using a simple marketing technique I learned at the EDC training webinar, and the rest is history.

 I was left with little choice other than joining EDC since it offered more support, more training and a better commission structure than my coastal travel business. I found the training and support I was missing in all of my former online businesses. Thanks to the information and support I had received with EDC Diamond I had actually made money online! It was so exciting that it was hard to conceal my usual pessimistic outlook when I joined the top earning team in EDC Diamond. With this in mind.

I have written this article to share my story of success with EDC Diamond and to encourage anyone that has tried and failed to never give up. There are companies out there with support 7 days a week like EDC Diamond so that anyone can learn how to earn online! After starting my EDC Gold and EDC Diamond business, I continued to market both programs, but eventually EDC proved to be the most lucrative in the marketplace. This is because of it’s affordability for the average person and its tremendous support and training.

If you are looking for a program that delivers on its promise of real support and earning potential, get more information about EDC Gold and EDC Diamond as I have. Robert Probst is a top internet marketer trainer with EDC Diamond. Robert offers unique seo optimized websites, a complete step-by-step marketing and training website and one-on-one mentoring for his team. Discover innovative marketing and site promotion techniques you won’t find anywhere else. Visit for more information.


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