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Submitted by Maria Cronk | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Mar 21, 2008
Are you struggling with article marketing. Have you been consistently posting articles but still are not seeing the numbers to visitors to your website.

  Article Marketing can be very profitable if done effectively. I see a lot of people asking how they can make money with article marketing. Many people just need to change a few things that would make a big difference in their results. I have recently come across some great resources of information that has helped many entrepreneurs go from failing to being extremely successful with article marketing. I want to pass some of these tips along to you.

Implement these 4 simple ways to flood traffic to your website.

  1. Keyword research. This is greatly overlooked by most people. It is extremely important to search for keywords that are highly searched but not too much competition. If you pick highly competive keywords you may never get shown. Don't just shoot a target market blindfolded. Make sure that the key word is very relevant to the topic. is a good free place to search keywords.
  2. Unique Content. This is so important. You don't want to use premade articles and blast it in all the article directories. If you do choose to use premade articles, change then some so that they are uniquely yours. The search engines are looking for unique, fresh content and they will reward you for having quality articles. Your articles should be informative, not salesy. If Your article generates interest, people will pass it on to their discussion groups, newsletters and websites. Your article can spread like W-I-L-D F-I-R-E.
  3. What is so important about the title? Well one thing is the Keyword. The keyword should be in the first 4 words of the title. This is very important for the search engines to pick up your article and give you better chances of making your article seen Also you only have a few seconds to grab your readers attention. You title needs to reach out and grab your readers. Make it interesting and attention getting. Fill it with benefits.
  4. Many people neglect what they put in the signature box. The signature box is most important in connecting your visitors to you. You can have the best article in the world but if your signature box is boring you will lose them. Make sure your link includes  in it. In many cases it won't be linkable. This happens more then you think.
  5. IMPORTANT...People DON'T put a period at the end of your url. This will go to a bad link. Bad idea. Also Make sure you link is relevant to your article. You don't want to have an article about dresses and lead them to a swim ware website. Well there you have it. By focusing on these few things, (Keyword research, the title,content and signature box), you will make a huge difference with your results in article marketing.

         I have just barely scratched the surface but this is a start. Article marketing is very valuable internet strategy. Stay consistent, keep writing and enjoy your success. P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L Little Secrets With Article Marketing. Discover How To Explode Your Sales and Profit Quickly... For F-R-E-E. Grab A Copy Here Visit... http://ForHugeProfits.Com


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