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Submitted by Adrianne Miller | Category: Business | Published on Jan 11, 2008
Learn how to market your Cruise to Cash business without spending any money.
Starting your own home business can be tricky if you are working with limited funds. It is best to use free marketing methods in the beginning until you make a few sales; then you can reinvest your profits while you increase your marketing skills until you have a large ad budget. In this article, I would like to share with you several ways that you can build your Cruise to Cash business without spending any money in the beginning. These are techniques that are fairly easy to learn and will increase traffic to your website within just a few days. 1. Give away one of your free vacations. As a paid member in Cruise to Cash, you can give away unlimited vacations from your Weekender or Cruiser package. What is even better is that you can customize these vouchers with any company or opportunity that you wish to promote. 2. Write a press release. Press releases are an excellent way to get your name and website into the search engines within a short amount of time. There are many sites where you can submit your press release for free and add additional search engine ranking for a nominal fee. 3. Write articles. Article-writing is similar to a press release except with articles you can write a product review or a tutorial, whereas a press release is an announcement about something newsworthy regarding you and your Cruise to Cash business. 4. Join a social networking site. Social networking, or web 2.0, is all the rage right now. You can join any of the free sites such as MySpace, create a profile, and then join groups that pertain to your interests. As you meet people you can add them as friends to your site, and then you can create blog posts or announcements about your Cruise to Cash business to bring traffic to your site. 5. Keep a blog diary. A blog is another easy and free way to attract traffic to your Cruise to Cash website. Blogs are very search engine-friendly and will show up in the search results fairly quickly. One of the most well-known free blogs that you can create can be found at Blogger dot com. Make sure that you write new posts for your blog on a regular basis. 6. Participate in forums. There are many forums that you can join where you are allowed to create a signature file. In your signature file, you will list a catchy headline and your Cruise to Cash website. Then you just join or start genuine conversations on topics that interest you. The people that participate in the conversations, lurkers, as well as others who may be searching for key terms that happen to show up in the search engine results, will all see your signature file and some will click-through on your website! 7. Contact your warm market. Now, I know we all hate to do this one. But the truth is, if you make even one sale and earned $1,000 cash directly into your bank account, trust me, there is at least one person from among all your old and new co-workers, classmates, friends, family members, etc., that would LOVE to know how you did it, and they will want to do it too! Usually in the beginning you will have better success with that second-layer of contacts, such as your old neighbors or co-workers, rather than those family members and friends that see you every day. Let your close friends and relatives wait until you start making money in your Cruise to Cash me, they will all come running. Some will be lazy and want to spend all of your money for you! You will just have to firmly lead them by the hand to your website and tell them how they can get started! You've just learned seven ways that you can get started in marketing your Cruise to Cash business without spending any money. These methods may work so well for you that you may never need paid advertising again! For more information on how you can get started in your own Cruise to Cash business, visit:


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