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Every business venture, regardless of its venue or its objective, begins with a basic idea, the simpler the better.

Every business venture, regardless of its venue or its objective, begins with a basic idea, the simpler the better. Focus and expansion are much easier from the get-go this way. Most importantly, this serves as the business foundation, without which the business couldnít manage or even exist. The main idea is the root of the entire business.

Where does this idea [usually] come from? Several sources are possible: a television show, radio broadcast, a song, a piece of literature, social issues, politics, the ongoing development of technology, an art style, research, a personal experience, a movie, a childís imagination, hearsay or conversation, even an innovation brough about through necessity, such as a means to make home chores more convenient. Whatever the case, this idea should be unique and boast a twist that allows the idea to stand out on its own in the merchandising and marketing fields that it represents. In the end, this idea must be flexible and open enough to growth in a variety of ways.

The first step to developing the main premise of the business venture one the basic is established is to conduct research in the goven field in order to ascertain the current goings-on so that the direction of the business, even the nature of the idea itself, is innovative enough to promote an aspect of the industry that hasnít yet been touched or explored. In this way, the business has room to move and reduces the threat of competition, especially those opposing ventures that are very persistent. Even if the competition does eventually incorporate such developments in relation to the new aspect, the business that had started it will be forever known as the leader in the creation of a sub-industry that would significantly expand an already existing one. This distinction is one of the major goals behind the main idea and should be considered right away so that it is not overlooked.

The data found through the research, then, allows the business owners to progress from there. That information determines the further direction of the business necessary to keep it on itís particular path so it doesnít delve too far into the premise of another related business venture. This phase of plan development involves any modifications that are necessary to adjust the details of the main idea so that its uniqueness remains prominent. This research ultimately specifies and clarifies the ongoing purpose of the business.

The idea copyright and registration come next and is critical so that the business owner is protected legally. If she or he isnít and her or his idea is stolen and used by someone else, the venture is over. Also established here are the Mission Statement, Philosophy, and procedural policies. The identity of the new business and its particular role in both the industry and the general business world begin to emerge.

At this point, the idea can go in any direction. This is where the business website is designed and laid out in meticulously detailed plan that will assist in its creation. The idea, which had earlier began as a mere mental abstraction, now becomes physical reality.

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