To Succeed On The Internet You Need a Master Plan

Submitted by Pablo Montalvo | Category: Business | Published on Nov 29, 2007
If you have ever said this to yourself.. Enough with the information overload. The problem with the Internet is that there is too much informational junk .. There is no shortage of ebooks, articles and marketing programs devoted to making money on the Int
No matter what you're marketing... you're not selling on the Internet. You get it! You are marketing a product. That's why you have to have a master plan to succeed. The problem with the Internet is that there is too much junk, informational junk there is. There is no shortage of ebooks and marketing programs devoted to making money on the Internet. The problem is that most of them are either incomplete, written by people who never tried Internet marketing or in disarray. Is this happened to had joined worthless memberships, lots of money spent in ebooks and articles. You go find another business opportunity after another, and you think... Hey, this might be the right profitable niche... But they are not! After you've tried, they do not work and you feel like someone has pulled the rug under your feet once more time.. Then you get stomach cramps just by thinking how you going to make it when you don't have that much money from your severance pay left, and you've resigned your full time job to devote the whole time to your Internet business. You visit hundreds of forums post your comments hoping that they will buy from you but nothing happens. While you are not allowed to advertise, moderators do advertise their products and make money doing so from people like you that are desperate and vulnerable to their offers. You bought articles because you can't write 25 to 50 articles a day, it will take you a whole week to write and article and come up with some good content, and like the Guru's told you to do... You hire someone to submit the articles to the directories without even knowing that they might or not be submitted...and you don't have much time left during the forums, blogs and free classifieds wrangling to check that your articles get submitted. It gets worse... Google canceled your adsense account because you started to click on your own links to make some Adsense money... by trying to cheat the system now you have zip. Google keep track of the illegal clicks by verifying the IP addresses against their publishers IP's. Now, Adwords is has become very expensive. You're getting a couple of clicks here and there because you just piled a thousands of keywords together and now Google is charging you $.50, $5, $10 a click because your click thru rate (CTR) is too low. So you will have to pay the highest bid if you want some clicks coming to your website and there is not guarantee that they will buy anything. You already tried Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the gurus BS, webinars, teleseminars, more articles submissions, you bought more ebooks, ah.. and also tried Joint Ventures (JV's) too. Now you go back and you try affiliate marketing...again! Maybe this time there is an affiliate out there that has a good product, hoping that the sales page is a super one. Then you buy PPC clicks and more Adwords and still only one sale here and there... Not enough to buy you a stamp to send your unpaid bills. Not to mention the thief's that steal commissions from the Clickbank affiliates. SO, what do you do after everything has failed.. Do you throw the towel? ..Like always you call on the big Guru's and they will tell you that you should never quit. That they have this brand new program or a super affiliate ebook that will get you going once again and you'll be in profit in no time! I'm sure you know by now that most TOP Internet Guru's are charging an arm and a leg for their seminars, boot camps and coaching classes. And investing in all the tools you need to get started and running online can be very costly in the long run especially if you're acquiring them one by one. And we know that most individuals like you don't have the deep pockets and plenty of room for mistakes and risks. Trying to work all this out for yourself will waste you so much time and money. Needless to say that you're probably already knee-deep in debt right now. No matter what ... If you want to need to have a PLAN...a business plan or some sort of guidance that you will follow. If you don't have a plan.. you're planning to fail! If you're looking right now for proven ways to have success find one program that you will receive the highest level of training through teleseminars, transcripts, videos, and more.. that you will receive the technical support that will help to launch your online business. Glanfield Marketing Solutions, has addressed it with his BBO traffic formula. This four week extensive training program is designed especially for beginners who know absolutely nothing about making money online. The four week program includes audio training, video training, and written manuals. Step by step instructions that walk you through every facet of marketing - finding a product, deciding how to market it, finding and maintaining traffic and planning for the long term. This isn't just training, this is a complete business building program. Not only do they have an excellent traffic course, also includes top-notch technical and customer support that it will literally guide you from day one, where you know nothing, to the point where you actually begin to earn money. Use this system to make your first dollar online within just 30 to 60 days... It is possible to become a successful affiliate marketer, and get loads of high quality traffic even if you are a complete beginner. BOTTOM LINE? If you are new to marketing or a veteran that have not earn any money on the Internet, and have absolutely no idea where to start, use this plan. This four week program will be perfect for you. There simply isnít a better program aimed at beginners anywhere to be found. Period.


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