Hi, I am a cigarette. This is how I ruin your body!

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This article describes how cigarette kills the masses and gives the solution how to stop smoking with hypnotherapy. By online hypnotism methods to stop smoking one can easily give up smoking for life.

This article tells you the bad effects of smoking on the health of human body and how you can quit smoking with hypnotism. This time cigarette itself explains this:

Hi, I am a cigarette. I’m still quite popular these days with the young as well as the old. People hold me between their lips and make a fashion statement. Actors, celebrities and people from various walks of life, love dangling me from their lips. They truly believe that my smoke soothes their frayed nerves and that I give them confidence to take on the world. They fool their own intelligence, but that suits me fine. Yes, 1 in 5 adults absolutely adores me.

There are many efforts being made to get rid of me. Online smoking cessation sites, rallies, conferences…these are all there but still the truth is that I am a killer. I kill people slowly but surely. For every cigarette they smoke, I take away seven minutes of their lives. I kill one smoker every 6 seconds and none of them ever remotely expected that this would happen to them. I killed 100,000,000 (one hundred million) people in the last 20 years and if smoking trends continue, I will kill 1,000,000,000 (One Billion) people this century.

I do that by ensnaring people with promises of calm and a sharp mind. They think I am their best friend when they are under stress, but they have no idea that I actually increase their stress levels. I make their lives hell when they try to quit. My secret weapons are: craving, withdrawal symptoms, mood swings and weight gain. They only really smoke me so they can stop that horrible craving feeling that I give them when they take too long to light me up again, so I frighten them and make them panic into believing that they can never be without me.

Meanwhile, I get inside their bodies, I force them to override their immune systems and I make my way via their lungs, which I thoroughly destroy, to one of my favourite destinations: the heart. I dance through their arteries, depositing my tar, clogging them and then reducing their blood flow. I slow down their minds and make them sluggish and dull. Not to mention what I do to their unborn children. For fun, I also gradually reduce their sex drive. Brown fingertips, regular coughs, hollow eyes, a sullen look and a pallid skin are my trademarks.

People say that I don’t cause much harm, but that is not based on facts. I am easily available and I am a substantial tax treasure for the Government and a burden on healthcare.

That’s not the end of my story. I affect the smoker, but my tentacles reach out to the smoker’s family and friends. The smoker only inhales ten percent of my smoke, while the non-smokers around him inhale the rest. I travel into their lungs and hand them the gift of lung cancer. Yes, I am quite dangerous and deadly.

I have very few enemies. Nicotine patches, nicotine gum, New Year’s resolutions, prescription drugs and e-cigarettes only ban me for a short while. Within a year, 98% of them have me back, as I am the real thing…….

My main enemy is Hypnotherapy, it does not add nicotine to the body, it stops craving for me in its tracks and it makes people quit for life and leave me forever..…

So, in case you do want to get rid of me, have Hypnotherapy. Yes you can give up smoking using hypnotism. Hypnosis can help you to leave smoking and rebuild your damaged body, before it is too late.

Alternatively I’ll just stay with you until I send you to an early grave……..

If you want to stop smoking one day, today would be a good day!


John Wesdorp is fighting against smoking using hypnotism techniques, especially in the UK. You can visit his website at www.NoSmokingAgain.com – online instant hypnotherapy to quit smoking for life!


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