How to Update Printer Drivers in Windows 7

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Upgrading your printer drivers may be necessary if you recently upgraded to windows 7. This is a simple task that you can carry out without the need of a computer professional but if you feel that you need expert hands to touch your PC.

The windows device manager is always available to assist you while doing this upgrade. For regular devices, the process that is followed while upgrading the drivers may be different. After windows 7 came to the market, there was a little alteration of the procedures that are involved hence making it a bit new to some people who are used to the old way of doing the upgrade. Upgrading your windows 7 drivers will help ensure that you continue making use on your computer the normal way without going through unnecessary interruption.


Canon All-In-One Printer MX700 But how do you upgrade your windows 7 drivers? You can start by clicking the start buttons which will show you a list of many other programs. This should be followed by clicking the printers and devices which appears on the start menu. Alternatively, this can be accessed via the control panel as some computers do not show then on the start menu due to their settings. You can also use the short cut by typing the word printers in your search box and proceeding to clicking devices and printers that will occur.

The Devices and Printers window will open and what you will see is a graphical presentation of a variety of computer devices. These devices are categorized by the types and you will notice that there are printers, faxes and many more. And since you would like to upgrade your windows 7 drivers for your printer to function well, choosing the printer options is the way to go. You double click the printer on the right side and from the list will come printer properties. At this stage, it's imperative that you be careful not to confuse between the properties and the printer properties that are listed there.

Open the dialog box in the printer properties and click the advanced tap. You can proceed to printer driver and while at this point, you can use the new driver drop down option and have your windows 7 drivers installed in the easiest way possible! You will need to launch the add the driver buttons and by following the prompts, the windows will manage to get the latest version of the drivers in your computer. You have to be patient as the process of installing or upgrading to windows 7 drivers may take several minutes.

It's important that you restart your computer after the windows 7 drivers' upgrade. You may not be asked to do this but it's a good way to ensure that the software works properly. After all these, you can use your printer properly.

More Instructions are available at this Microsoft Technet page.


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