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Learn the latest tips and techniques on how to buy and sell websites on the Internet.

A great way to make revenue on the internet is by selling websites. The best way for your websites to sell is to promote them using internet marketing methods that include: articles,videos,press releases and podcasts. You can also make money selling Amazon and ClickBank Products.

In just a few days you can be making up to $100-200 a day just adopting this viewpoint in less than a week. If you don't want to write articles you can achieve this by hiring freelance writers to write them for you. Some of the places you can hire freelancers are websites include: Elance, Guru, GetAFreelancer, RentACoder And ScriptLance.

You should consider this process and it very reasonably. If you don't want hire a freelance writers you can use Private Label Resell Rights.

Here is a step by step process to use

Step 1: Identify a subject matter. By using private label resell right articles the material is already chosen for you. I suggest you find the most popular topics on the internet as of today March 6,2010. A great resource is to use Google Trends, Ebay Pulse, Amazon and Lycos 50. Then find some article that relate to the most popular topics on the internet. Some of the topics include: massa, howard stern, is corey haim dead and many others. S

Step 2: Create a Internet Website I use Wordpress.Org. Now is different, it is hosted by wordpress not you. is yours but you need a hosting company to host it. So I would create a blog first to setup your content website. There are a ton of free wordpress templetes you can use on the internet and a bunch of plug-ins you use to provide added functionality.

  * Register a domain name. You can use Google Search To Look For Where To Register Domain Names. So of the one most marketers use are GoDaddy And NameCheap. You can register your domain name and you can use .com, .net, .info and .biz for under $10.00 a year.

* Sign Up with a Hosting Account. I would recommend, I have been with them for over 2 years. Great customer support. If you have a problem with configuring your hosting account or even with Microsoft Outlook. You can call them and they will help you set up your email accounts. The baby package runs about $9.00 for a month. And you have unlimited add on domains.

* You Can Install with a snap of your finger by using Fantastico in you Cpanel. Just log in to your hosting account and find Fantastico. Then you will look for WordPress and Fantastico will install it automatically. How cool is that.

* Install Wordpress plugins. Plugins allow you to have added functionality. When creating WordPress Blogs I use Plugins thaat include: All in One SEO Pack, All-in-one Bookmarking Button, All in One SEO Pack, Wordpress Popup Scheduler,WS Audio Player and Google XML Sitemaps.

* Add content. Its very simple to add content, You can add post to your blog and schedule them to go out as many time in the week you prefer. For example you can schedule 5 articles to go out each week for 52 weeks if you want. It is always best to read the terms and conditions of each Private Label Resell Rights Articles Before posting any new articles.

Step 3: Selling the website. To sell a website you can go to or digital point to sell your website. Each one of these have advantages and disadvantages. I suggest you just pay for the listing and pay your $20 dollars. Your website will be listed immediately. Digital Point on the other hand you have to create 20 posts before your website will be listed. So if you want to wait before your website is listed or do you want to sell your websites immediately. Content Website Like these go for between $100 to $200 a site. If you want to make more money on the websites increase you website pages to about 30 pages and add extra features that include: Google Sitemaps, Videos, Forums and A Contact Us Form. So to summarize this article.

You can take articles or articles Created By A Freelancer. Buy A Domain Name. Get A Hosting Account, Create A WordPress Blog With with 20 articles. Sell your blog on or and make some money.

Justin Brooke-Creator of Website Flipper says that selling websites with no traffic or revenue is called the Developer Level. This means you take websites with no traffic or no revenue and sell them between $100-$200. To learn about the next levels of website flipping that include: Marketer Or The Investor Levels where you can sell websites for 100,000 or more.

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