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Submitted by Nigel Ridge | Category: Business | Published on Aug 10, 2010
This article aims to give you an overview on the capabilities of Twitter and how to gain more followers and utilize them for your business needs once you have a large group of followers.

You've probably read a few articles on how to set up Twitter and the benefits and uses of it for Marketing. However if you haven't here's a short and quick overview of its benefits.

Basically the aim of the game in Marketing with Twitter is to get as many followers as possible and then give them advice, information and mainly promote and hype up your new up and coming products and to sell them to them. So that's the most basic reason as to the aims of Twitter Marketing, but there's just one problem and that is that you require followers in order to do this.

Without people to promote to this just doesn't work, so the big question on everyone's lips is how do you get these followers. Well obviously famous and well known people have the advantage of people wanting to follow them and then they don't need to follow the appropriate Twittiquette (Twitter Etiquette). However online business owners like you are not yet celebrity people. Now an old school way to get followers is to add loads and loads of friends and hope they accept you so that you gain followers (Twitter Spamming). Problems with this are pretty obvious, firstly the odds are that a lot of the people added will have no interest in internet marketing what so ever or the products you are going to try and sell them, they will get annoyed with your continuous Tweets and remove themselves as followers.

Also Twitter uses a vetting system to stop this and can black-list you if caught... Definitely not good. So the main aim is to get people to your site who will be interested in you and your advice and latch on to your promotions. The best way you can do this is promote your Twitter account and get people to access your Twitter account from your websites or sales pages for products you sell. This will definitely get followers who are interested in other products you sell and what you have to say as they have already bought products of yours! However if you don't have products or a website set up then there is other ways to grab the relevant followers so you can be super effective with your Tweets.

Including links to your Twitter in e-mail signatures is a good way to get your details out there. This can be sent to your mailing list to get them to sign up, also subscribing to a number of forums and posting up relevant and good feedback or useful answers for people and adding a link to your Twitter account there is also a really good way to get more followers. By doing this you can make sure that you speak and contribute to topics which relate to your products. This again concentrates your followers to real product buyers. There are many other ways of getting a wide base of following users by the means of other social networking and information providing sites. Blogs, Forums and e-mailing are just a few free ones to get you started.

This article only covers a small part of how you can use Twitter to give you a great business edge! For a free course on how you can enhance your business potential by using this cutting edge social networking site go here:-


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