How To Come Up With A Good Password?

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Here is an ingenious password creation technique which will help save you from hackers and nosey family members.

With much of our lives online these days, security is an important issue. You can do your banking online, you can keep all your email correspondence on your Hotmail or Gmail account, your buying habits can be tracked on Amazon or eBay, you can receive all your utility bills online and you can even find where are you are in the world at any moment using GPS tracking software. All this crucial and private information is usually accessible with the correct password. This means that it is absolutely imperative that you have a good password to protect yourself.

Bad Passwords

Using a bad password such as 0000 or your name, or the name of the website is a terrible idea as these are the first things a potential hacker will try in order to access your information. It can be all too easy when setting up your new account somewhere to struggle to think of a cunning password, as quite often people are too afraid of forgetting it and losing access to their own information. In this situation people will either choose something like the easily guessable ones above or one which they use for all of their different accounts. This is another terrible idea as if someone learns the password to one of your accounts, you can be sure that they will try the same one on all your other accounts too.

Good Passwords

The best way to come up with a good strong password is to use a combination of letters and numbers, at least 8 characters long. While this may seem hard to remember if you try to incorporate a familiar word with some familiar numbers it becomes easier. For example: take a word like SCOTLAND; easy to remember and easy to spell. Next think of a few numbers you will find it hard to forget such as a telephone number or date of birth you know by heart; maybe 09/12/95. Finally merge them together: SC09TL12N9D5. Notice that you can drop a letter or number to make it even easier to remember. With this technique you can easily make, memorable, hard to discover passwords.

Incidentally, many sites these days provide a ‘password strength gauge’ to give you an indication of how strong your password is, as you write it in. Using this, combined with your new password creation technique, your personal information will be much safer. And remember; don’t use the same password for every account!

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