How to become a Network Marketing Business Megastar

Submitted by Gordon Milton | Category: Business | Published on Nov 30, 2007
We explode the myth that to grow your network marketing business to equal a global conglomerate and give you mega-wealth, you have to be, or become some super human-being.

We know that 5% of network marketing businesses succeed and in time people can make so much money that they qualify for being listed within the top one-tenth of one percent of all the earners in the world. So it is natural to assume that to grow your network marketing business to equal a global conglomerate, you have to be or become some super human-being. In most other occupations this is true. For example, take a look at the super stardom and super wealth of top athletics.

In athletics, various factors play a significant role in success. Success at the very elevated levels leads to mega-wealth. The athlete needs the basic physical body as the foundation to build on which is developed by training over many years, gradually conditioning everything, including the mental processes, to operate competitively.

A team of trainers, coaches and medical experts assist in the preparation. If the athlete and the support team do their jobs correctly, the result is success. Sponsorship and promotion offers flood in and the athlete can enjoy the trappings of mega-wealth.

But what happens if you fail to reach mega-stardom. Records of the mediocre athletes show lives beset by lack of money and support and a dreams that endure a few short years instead of decades or more. This pattern although transparent in sport, athletics, entertainment and others, is common to most walks of life.  In network marketing the situation of being barred from super-stardom and mega-wealth, just because you are "average" is simple to overcome.

Every day of every year, a network marketing superstar rises to prominence. Their super-stardom is not because of the opportunity they have joined, their sponsor, their training, company or luck. It is because of themselves. That superstar was waiting to be found. That superstar wanted to be a superstar who had the drive, the natural skills, or the desire to acquire any skills needed. Somebody just happened to offer them the vehicle they needed. Somebody had to sponsor them. It could have been you.

All you have to do is to sponsor a few into your team. To sponsor a super-star or five! keep sponsoring and the law of averages will work in your favour and eventually deliver, meaning you will sponsor a superstar. Keep sponsoring after that and you will eventually sponsor more superstars.

At a very large rally an elderly lady was recognised for being a superstar. There was nothing outstanding about her. She wasn't charismatic, stunningly good looking, a captivating speaker, or a leader. She was average - she knew it, and she admitted it. Her success was down to sponsoring enough people into her team to have sponsored five members who were outstanding, charismatic, good looking, captivating speakers, leaders and superstars. That's what will give you, Mr. and Mrs. Average, a successful superstar lifestyle with your network marketing business?

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