How to be a Good Drupal Developer?

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To be a good Drupal developer one needs to have in-depth knowledge and creativity. One also needs to have good marketing skills and the ability to meet strict deadlines.

Drupal has become one of the most popular CMS (content management systems) in the world. This has created a huge demand for Drupal developers. In today’s world Drupal development is seen as one of the most sought after career options. It might be popular but it is also a very challenging domain due to the sheer number of  developers in the world. It is important that you stand out in the crowd and create a demand for yourself in the market.

Here are a few things that make one a good Drupal developer.

What Is Must For You?

  • In-depth knowledge– As a good Drupal developer you must have in-depth knowledge of the application. There are no shortcuts in Drupal and you need to be aware of the various features of the application. You must exactly know what Drupal can do and how to overcome a particular challenge using Drupal.            
  • Understand Scope Of Project – Once a client has detailed you with the requirements you need to study and understand the scope of the project. You need to clarify your doubts regarding the project with the client whenever necessary. It is important that you make bright suggestions in case you have any; this is one of the marks of a good Developer.
  • Immense Creativity– It goes without saying that you need to be creative when it comes to Drupal. Once a client has assigned you a project you need to ensure that they are happy with your product. These days’ clients want their websites to be unique and this is where custom development comes into the picture. You must ensure that the project is fully customized according to the needs of the client.      
  • Pricing Methodology– should know how to price well to the clients depending on the volume of work, complexity and urgency of the project. If you price too high you are sure to lose bulk of clients and alternately pricing too low would be underselling your skills and in worst case many clients not taking you seriously.            
  • Marketing Skills– Offshore development has become the buzz word in today’s worldMore and more clients look to outsource their projects to offshore development centers. In this scenario you need to possess good marketing skills to deal with your customers and potential ones.  
  • Meeting Deadlines– The industry has become deadline oriented. You need to meet deadlines with each project, to be a good Developer. It is important that you fix deadlines with your clients once you have planned the project well. In case you are unable to deliver a project due to unavoidable circumstance make sure that you keep your clients aware of the delay. 

These tips will surely help you in becoming a good Drupal developer. Apart from this you should ask for feedback or ask other developers to review your work to identify your weaknesses and improve upon them.


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