How Much Will My Logo Cost Me?

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Are you a small business or business start-up wondering how much will my logo cost me?

Are you a small business or business start-up wondering “how much will my logo cost me”? Rewind the clock a decade or so to a time when only the wealthiest companies with the biggest budgets could afford a logo design created by a professional designer.  Small businesses were left with “generic logos” or do-it-yourself logos for their businesses, both of which are rarely brilliant, useful, or effective. Fast forward to today and you will find logo designers peddling their quality wares online, and in record numbers.

That means that small businesses and business start-ups can now run “with the big dogs” by getting a logo design that is custom developed for their business - without blowing their budget for the quarter.  If you are a small business wondering “how much will my logo design cost me” – you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that logo design is more affordable now than ever before.  

Logo Design Costs
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Several factors can come into play when determining the cost of your logo design, including whether the designer charges by the hour or by the design.  Designer can command anywhere from $20 an hour to $150 an hour, but the most expensive designers are not necessarily the best.  Those that charge a fixed price or flat fee might charge anywhere from $20 to $500 or more for their services. Many people prefer to pay a pre-determined flat rate when it comes to logo design because this allows them to keep their costs predictable. 

Keep in mind when choosing a logo designer that charges by the hour that logo design is not an instantaneous process, and your designer will need ample time to brain storm for logo ideas and to develop your concept, as well as time to revise anything that you don’t like about the logo concept that he present you with.  

Contact your logo designer for a free estimate on how much your logo design will cost.  Most designers are more than happy to consult with you on your logo design project free of charge so that you can do a bit of “comparison shopping” before selecting a logo designer.


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