How Laurie Woods Found Her Family After 6 Decades

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Laurie Woods was too young to remember the mother who abandoned her as an infant. Although she enjoyed a happy and prosperous life, Laurie still longed to find the rest of her family. She tried for years, but she just did not have enough in

Jeri is a people finding sleuth in California - she helps friends, classmates and complete strangers find people that they've lost touch with over the years. She is so good at getting the information she needs to find people that she has earned the nickname "Sherlock." One of her favorite success stories is about a woman named Laurie Woods - Laurie was separated from her mother as an infant in the 1940's.

She would never see her mother again, but she knew she had other relatives out there, somewhere. Years later, Laurie hoped to find her family, but only had a few clues: her mother's name (which was very common), the name of her mother's husband (Bruno Vernazza) and the fact that her mother had a sister named Peggy.

After some intense investigating, Laurie found an address for Bruno, but it was not current, and the trail dried up. That's when Jeri got involved. Jeri used the old address to find more recent information through The PeopleFinders Network. Sadly, Bruno had passed away, but Jeri also found someone who used to live with him. That person was able to provide a few of Bruno's personal belongings, including a marriage certificate. It was the lead Jeri had been looking for.

After a little more searching, Jeri tracked down a man in Arizona who had the same name as Laurie's grandfather. That man turned out to be Laurie's uncle. He helped fill in even more blanks, which led to the discovery of several of Laurie's family members - including her aunt Peggy, her sister and a brother she never knew existed.

Today they all enjoy a larger and very loving family. Laurie's case was difficult to crack. It was full of twists, dead-ends and false hope. During her search, Laurie discovered that her name was listed differently on four official documents. The name on her birth certificate was Doran Doran, and officially changing that name only led to more complications. Her search for relatives took more than eleven years, but she finally reunited with her family - and it happened on her 60th birthday! It took a large amount of ingenuity and perseverance from Laurie and Jeri, but the end result was a happy ending worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Laurie loves to share her story, and to give others hope that they too can find their family members - no matter how much time has gone by. As she likes to say, her story shows that you just have to be persistent. If you have someone that you'd like to find, you can try the same techniques that Jeri uses to find people. Jeri visits the PeopleFinders people search websites to get current phone numbers, addresses, email and any other information she needs to find the right people. Keep searching until you find the people who mean the world to you, plan a reunion of your own.


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