How Has Search Changed the World as We Know It?

Submitted by Jack Mack | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Feb 09, 2011
Ever wondered how much search has changed our world? With millions online everyday it's certainly had an effect.

Before there was search, there was nothing...and then there was a big bang and Tim Berners-Lee with help from Robert Cailliau, invented the internet and created the pages and the hypertext and the rest is history. As you may realize, the internet would be practically useless without search engines which is why we now have so many different ones available and they have become intrinsic elements of our lives.


The face of advertising has massively changed since the development of online search engines. Online marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of advertising and without it many small businesses would not have been able to grow. Pay Per Click (PPC), banner ads and social networking advertising all would not exist without search engines.

Social Media

Social networks are built by searching for and linking to friends on the same social network. At the root of every social network like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, there lies a basic search function. Social networking is a massively influential medium today, with everyone from Barak Obama to Bananarama having their own profile. Social networking has proven a level playing field from which people can start movements (e.g. Rage Against the Machine getting to number 1 in the singles charts in the UK 2009 thanks to a Facebook campaign) and provide a platform from which people can make a name for themselves.


Behemoth company Google now has a huge influence on many aspects of the global zeitgeist. Starting out as a basic search engine, Google now operates in many other realms including telecommunications, renewable energy, computer software, topography, television and games development, proving that search has indeed come along and changed our world.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is now a massive and rapidly growing industry. It is an advanced discipline which uses a number of techniques to draw traffic to your site and convert visitors to sales. The basis of the field is in working to have a website appear at the top of a search engines results page so that searchers are more likely to see and choose to click on the link to your website. Obviously without search engines SEO would not exist. SEO also extends into website design as elements on the site can affect how it ranks.

For small businesses around the world, search engines, along with SEO, has opened up doors which when confined to a shop on a high street or in a shopping center, would have been nearly impossible open for small businesses. Now, anyone with access to the internet can sell their product to anyone in the world. Pretty amazing huh?


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