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It is still true that financial independence is available to those who Start A Home Business but you definitely need to have a strategy; work to your passion, and have a good Mentor. With all this in place you are far more likely to succeed than the nine
Work At Home, is the answer many people would give when asked "What is the one thing that would instantly make you more productive, reduce your stress level, give you more job satisfaction and increased quality time with your family?" For some people this simply involves Tele-commuting. You set up a home office with help from your employer, who provides the equipment and wide area network infrastructure. This enables you to have full online access to company data just as you would in the office, while you Work From Home, and without the hours of commuting. Your employer also saves on office space with all it's related expenses. Certainly a win-win situation.There is however, a growing group of people for whom telecommuting is not the answer. They realise that they are still dependent on a boss for their income. They also realise that they are not in control of that income. A decision by the company to downsize could instantly plunge them into financial difficulty. In many cases their remuneration does not even reflect the true level of their achievements. In such cases the answer could be to Start A Home Business. Thousands of people who decide to Start A Home Business and Work From Home also choose to Earn Income On The Internet. Unfortunately the hype surrounding quick riches on the Internet has no basis in fact, unless you have a good Coach or Mentor to show you the way. For this reason over ninety percent of all such new businesses fail. If you plan to succeed in your business then integral to your plan must be the realization that you need help. The larger the business you plan to have the more help you will need. Gone are the days when a "lone ranger" would ride into town, set up his stall, and make a killing. This help does not have to be in the form of employees. As a matter of fact you are far better off not having any employees initially. You're your overheads low. The name of the game is outsourcing. Make a decision to spend your time doing what you do best and outsource everything else. One of my Mentors, Rich Schefren of Strategic Profits said you should be working "on" your business, not "in" your business. Spend your time doing what brings income into your business and outsource the "technical" stuff. A current TV advert here in the UK illustrates this point beautifully. The footage is of a very busy kitchen in an upmarket restaurant. Chaos reigns everywhere. Dishes are being burnt; ingredients spill on to the floor; oil goes up in flames on the cooker, the staff are at a loss as to what to do next. All this time there are important customers waiting in the Restaurant. Finally the camera cuts to a scene in a corner of the kitchen, and there is Gordon Ramsey, the world famous Chef, with carving knife in hand; trying to fix the computer system. Seems absurd doesn't it? But there you have it. If a top Chef is expected to focus on what he does best in order to ensure the success of his business, the same applies to you.Another of my Mentors, Armand Morin of Generator Software, likes to say "Success Leaves Traces." Just imagine this scene; You are stuck in a battle zone (many Chinese Entrepreneurs view going into business as "going into battle") in the middle of Winter and the ground is deep with snow. The enemy is rapidly approaching but you know that your only means of surviving is to flee. As you make good your escape you suddenly realise that you are on the edge of a minefield. You are horrified; you can hear the enemy. Just then a local resident runs past you and out into the minefield. You reach out to stop him but you missed him. You stand there; fixed to the spot; just waiting for the loud explosion that will rip him to shreds; but it does not come. He reaches the road on the far side of the minefield; he turned and beaconed to you with his hand to come; then he disappeared into the woods on the far side of the road. You hear the enemy getting closer; with some fear and trepidation you venture into the minefield, being careful to place your feet in the footsteps of the man who had just ran across. Left.., right…, left…, right, you gingerly place one foot after the other; each footstep in the tracks of the man who went before. In no time you are on the road. You made it. Your success was down to following a proven path. As Armand said, "Success Leaves Traces;" Follow those traces; Do what works. When you are making money then you can decide to be "clever" and try new things. It is still true that financial independence is available to those who Start A Home Business but you definitely need to have a strategy; work to your passion, and have a good Mentor. With all this in place you are far more likely to succeed than the ninety five percent of Work From Home business owners who decide to become a lone ranger.For further information on successfully running your home business Click the link below and I will give you totally FREE, a Report which currently sells for $97.


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