Dress And Conduct Code For Your Internet Home Business

Submitted by Gordon Milton | Category: Business | Published on Nov 29, 2007
On the internet, you will come across suggestions of being able to work in your underwear. This may be possible, but what are the dangers?

When you run an internet home business, it is tempting to
commute from your bed to your desk in your pyjamas and
ignore what you look like. After all , if nobody can see
you, where is the harm in being lazy and not getting
dressed for work?

Be Professional

It may not harm in your business, as such, but the harm
lies in the long term effect that it will have on you if
you donít dress for work. Wearing a jacket and tie or a
glamorous outfit, isn't necessary, but getting dressed for
work is important even if you will be indoors the entire

Working in whatever you wore to bed, you are signaling to
yourself that your internet home business isn't important
and that you are not a professional and should not be
treated as such. In the medium to long term, your business
is going to start to feel like just something else you do
at home, and you are going to lose sight of the fact that
you are actually running an internet home business.

There are some things that you can do to make sure that you
always stay professional and that you are kept aware of
this at all times, which will make your business run much
more smoothly.

Be sure that you dress for work each day. You should be
able to feel like you are at work, and you should wear
something other than the clothes you would wear if you were
simply at home.

Set hours to be at work. Working at your internet home
business is something that can be great, but it can also
turn into a monster where you feel you have to be at work
all of the time. If you set yourself business hours and
stick to them, you are more likely to treat your business
as a business, and not something that is taking over your

Answer the phone and emails in a professional manner, so
that whoever you are communicating with will know that you
are a professional, and your internet home business is your
chosen profession.

Gordon Milton is a successfull internet marketer who uses,
and teaches, a completely different approach to building a
home based business. To find out more, visit his website.
here: http://www.gotitfigured.ws


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