The Health Care Crisis In America

Submitted by Darrell Porter | Category: General Interest | Published on Feb 06, 2005
Reveals alternative solutions to the rising tide of health care costs in America. Highlighted is a 23 year old non profit association in Washington, D.C. that caught the eye of several U.S. presidents, and stands out above the crowd.

The Health Care Industry in America is in a state of crisis. It's in the news everyday! Health Insurance rates are rising by 10 - 15% each year and in some cases more. These increases are causing many companies to reduce benefits for their employees, or in some cases drop all Health Care Benefits.

It is estimated that there are 45 million people in America without health insurance and over 75 million are underinsured. In fact 3/4 of all small businesses offer no health insurance at all.

According to "Health Care Costs: A Runaway Train," an article by Steven Findlay in the USA Today, "The United States spends nearly 50% more on health care than any other nation - 14% of its economic output in 2002 vs. 10.9% in Germany, 9.6% in Canada, 9.7% in France and 7.7% in the United Kingdom. U.S. health costs are on a trajectory to consume 18.4% of every dollar we spend by 2013.

"If we received something for this extra spending, fine. But we donít" Studies show that the additional expenditure yields no overall added health benefit. Other studies have shown that about 15 to 20 cents of every health care dollar is either pure waste or pays for inappropriate or excessive care.

As a result:


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