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Submitted by John B | Category: General Interest | Published on Jul 30, 2010
It is sad to witness the lack of direction and lack of purpose that some people have in their lives. I'm not talking about our youth.


It is sad to witness the lack of direction and lack of purpose that some people have in their lives. I'm not talking about our youth. In fact, many of our youth seem to have plans and goals that are encouraging and inspiring. I'm concerned about mature, capable adults who used to have dreams and goals when they were young but have given up on those dreams and now seem resolved to be content with whatever life has dealt them.

 I believe that one of the saddest scenarios I can imagine is when someone gives up on their dreams. In many respects giving up on our dreams is worse than the loss of a loved one. To give up on our goals may be, in essence, to not fulfill the purpose of our own creation. To allow life to happen to us as opposed to making life happen is one of life's greatest potential tragedies. I have learned that anything is possible to those who are persistent in the pursuit of their dreams. Sure, we meet roadblocks! Sure, there are hurdles. Sure, things don't always turn out exactly how we planned. But what a tragedy when we interpret those setbacks as making our dreams impossible to reach - or worse yet, interpret our current failure as meaning we are failures and incapable of success.

If there were a gift that I could give this year, it would be to have everyone remember back to when they were young,when they had goals and dreams. I would have them remember those goals and dreams in detail, and wake them up with the realization that it is not too late. Our life can still be what we wanted it to be! We can accomplish and do everything we wanted to do. Oh sure, we are going to have to change some things. If we keep doing what we've been doing, we'll keep getting what we've been getting. But we can change some things as long as we know where we are going and know that if we keep at it we will get there.

I would challenge everyone to remember our past hopes and dreams and write them down on paper as goals. Solidify them! Think about them! Decide what has to change in order to reach them. Commit to doing those things, and go for it. Be prepared for setbacks, but never give up until you reach your goal.

I would challenge those of you who are married to ask your spouse about the dreams and goals he or she had at a younger age. Find out which dreams have not come true. Together, see if you can't wake up some of those dreams. And make a plan together to make those dreams come true. If you truly throw your heart into helping your spouse reach his or her goals, I can promise you both a very rewarding experience - not only in the end result, but in the journey as well.

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