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Join Getawayclub and make money working from home.

Discover how to earn $17,800 in less than 2 months and $15,000 over and over again in the GETAWAY CLUB


It is now news that millions of people around the world desire to become financially freed and will never give up on that dream. The problem is just that they can�t easily find a system that lives up to its claims and they can�t even get the proper guidance from people who really know how its done, so that they can take ACTION and prosper.


That was the position I found myself until a successful person told me about a brand new online marketing programme that is easy, powerful and has a fantastic and flexible compensation plan. It�s the best at the moment. Its features help people earn a serious income on the internet in their spare time from, even if they don�t know how to move a computer mouse. This wonderful programme is the GETAWAY CLUB.


As the saying goes thus: -The taste of the pudding is in the eating-, I advice you to take this life time opportunity.


About The Getaway Club

The club was established by a group of industry professionals who understand the tourism industry. With their extensive knowledge and experience in the rapidly growing trends of affiliate marketing, the leaders of Getaway Club are providing everyone with the exciting opportunity of gaining wealth.


The Getaway Club Platinum e-pass gives you access to substantial savings across a wide range of travel, leisure and hospitality products and services.


Travel and stay at exotic locations or book your next business trip at wholesale prices from anywhere around the globe. Enjoy staying at the finest resorts and holiday destinations around the world, and never pay full price again.


The Getaway Club Platinum e-pass is available now for only $200 when you become a member of Getaway Club. Your e-pass card entitles you to all the following:

1)                 Getaway Club member Hotel prices (lifetime access to wholesale hotel prices)

2)                 Getaway Club member Airfare prices (lifetime access to wholesale airfares)

3)                 Getaway Club member travel insurance (Lifetime access to wholesale travel insurance)

4)                 Getaway Club member car rentals (Lifetime access to wholesale car rentals)

5)                 Getaway club member voucher ($100 Getaway gift voucher to use on any of the above services when booking a holiday).


When you purchase your Getaway Club Platinum e-pass for only $200, you are issued with a password protected �travel site�. You are also automatically placed into the rewards system as a Getaway Club Marketing Consultant.


As a Getaway Club Marketing Consultant, you can earn lucrative marketing fees and other bonuses. We invite and encourage you to start your own home-based business with unlimited earning potential! And remember its free to participate in as a Getaway Club member.


Getaway Club Benefits

        Earn a recurring income via the compensation plan

        Earn further income from the bonus programme.

        No stock or inventory requirements.

        Your own replicated website.

        Lead generation tools and e-mail grabber

        Refer a friend system.

        Getaway Club banners and presentation packs.

        And much more!


How Does It Work?

Getaway Club has created strategic alliances to create valuable and specially branded privilege e-pass which gives you access to wholesale travel, accommodation and a host of other products and services. Combine this with a dynamic compensation plan that rewards you for your efforts at each stage of your progress, and the progress of your sponsored downline. The compensation plan pays you additional bonuses for any members of your network, five deep, as they progress through each stage of the programme.


The Getaway Club Compensation Plan gives you the best opportunity to create wealth with very little financial risk. Whether you are looking for a new career opportunity or simply a way to generate extra funds for a house payment, a new car or vacation, this business opportunity can help you achieve your dreams. By becoming a Getaway Club member, you are joining a powerful team with a host of benefits. Don�t let this opportunity pass you by!


As a member of our marketing team you will benefit from the simple, but rewarding dual compensation plan. So if you like money and are prepared to follow some simple steps, you could well be on your way to making a generous recurring income for little time and effort.


The Compensation Plan

This is a revolving Matrix Board System. Here, there are four boards namely, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. With this system, the Getaway Club software will enter members on the bottom level from left to right and then push them from the bottom to the top filling boards of 7 members. As the board is filled, you progress to the next level. As you progress you receive your first payment entitlement. So the faster the board fills, the faster your commissions.


The Cycling Process

When you cycle out of:

The bronze Table, you receive                             $100


When you cycle out of:

The Silver Table, you receive                             $200


When you cycle out of:

The Gold Table,  you receive                             $2,500


When you cycle out of:

The Platinum Table, you receive                   $15,000


How Does it Work?

To progress to each stage (move from one table to another until you reach platinum) you should try to sponsor at least 2 positions into Getaway Club. Once you have sponsored these 2 people you qualify your position on the table. If your personally sponsored members then do the same, you will find that you quickly move through the tables to reach and cycle out of platinum, which gives you a commission of $15,000.


If one of  your downline family is unable to sponsor 2 new positions, this does not prevent you from cycling to the top of the tables. As long as you have personally sponsored 2 positions, and someone in your downline family is sponsoring other positions, you will continue to cycle.


The secret to your success is to sponsor at least 2 people, and encourage them to do the same using Getaway Club�s sales and marketing tools.


E-Pass Rewards Bonus  This is the Bonus of Bonuses and unique to Getaway Club. Every time you sponsor a position you will be entitled to bonus as they cycle through the tables. Any position that is sponsored 5 levels deep in your family down-line earns you a bonus when that position cycles through a table.

Level 1:           For every person you personally sponsor you will receive a 5% bonus

every time they cycle through a table.


Level 2:           For every person sponsored by your 1st level you receive a 4% bonus

on their cycles.


Level 3:          For every person sponsored by your 2nd level you receive 3% bonus

on their cycles.

Level 4:            For every person sponsored by your third level you receive a 2%

bonus on their cycles.


Level 5:           For every person sponsored by your 4th level you receive a 1% bonus

on their cycles.


How Does It Work?

For example, lets assume that all of the members below have cycled out of each table and each member has collected the e-pass rewards which total $12,250.




Join Getaway Club Today!

Now that you�ve seen what  Getaway Club has to offer.

Get ready to start earning income and planning your next vacation today! Isn�t it time to take the next step to becoming your own boss and living the life you�ve always dreamed about?


Take  the advantage of the newly launched Getaway Club and get your financial freedom for just $200. You can easily turn $200 to $17,800 in few months.


Once you have joined Getaway Club you will be given access to the special members only area where you have access to all the wholesale booking engines as well as be given detailed information on how to get started with wealth creation and get the biggest opportunity to earn $15,000 over and over again for the rest of your life!


Register online through the sponsored link;


For enquiries and registrations, please call, Elewa Idowu on;

+234-802-7191-802 or e-mail:












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