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Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Search Engines | Published on Jul 22, 2010
Even before you start understanding how will your landing page look like, you need to allocate some time and get idea about what a landing page really means.

If you are one of the affiliate marketer and working on promoting products, you already know that the page at where your audience comes first and encouraged to visit to the merchant's page to complete their buying is known as a landing page. But who have website with many pages for them a landing page altogether have different meaning.

Let's take a moment to understand a landing page and its characteristics. A landing page is one of the web pages of your website from where a visitor who is looking for information tries to enter to your website. So in this case, this page from where user is entering to your website is going to be the landing page or a home page for them, associated with your visit, in relation to the news item you searched for.

Keyword relevance is going to be essential aspect for any page. Keep a contact form or an e-mail id for your visitors in case they are interested in contacting you. A sitemap is really helpful in guiding your users and search engines like Google to browse various pages of your website. You need to search and prepare list of Meta tags that fits your niche and use of keywords on your pages.

Keyword Relevance to each webpage: Orchestrate your website such a way that each web page describes relevant subject only because this will be apprehended by not just popular search engines but to your readers also. Remember that if your page talks about kid's toys then leave the Dog toys sellers out of this page as may be even though both of these fall under a same category.

Contact: If your visitor accidentally runs into a critical problem while visiting your website or he might not clear about something in this situation they would like to contact you directly and in reply you should be ready to talk to then also rather just leaving them going back from where they came from or they may going to your competitor website.

Sitemap: Sitemap work like a book index; it gives idea about websites pages and links to them also. It is useful to your audience and search engines to find out related information just one click away. Meta Tags: Up to some extent already discussed earlier but PPC marketers need to make sure that they use the same technique for their ads campaigns, you should always include your niche keywords intelligently, and should not repeat them many times in your ads and meta descriptions.


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