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Submitted by Administrator | Category: Web Services | Published on Oct 31, 2003
Free web Banner tools to make your site attractive and addictive. Charge your site with these tools which we have found for you on the Net.

Banners are very precise, cute and easily gets attention. Most of the banners will be of below 10 Kb size for optimum loading. Banners are a wide varieties depending upon your taste and imagination. It creates an identity for the website.

Your banner should attract viewers from other sites, if you are in any banner exchange program. In the Internet, Banner Advertising is one of the best,(despite hackneyed ) methods of getting recognition to the websites. And make your banner to the point. Just name is not enough. Spread the theme of your website in the subsequent frames. Create a curiosity to visit.

All webmasters prefer GIF format banners instead of JPEG banners. Usually JPEG banners are used for the owners' website and GIFs are used for advertising the website. The reason is GIF banners can be optimized very much with out any maximum loss of quality using web safe colors , whereas JPEG compression is very tricky and it may result in loss of picture quality. Both formats can be animated but JPEGs need javascript or Perl scripting for animations.

Please visit to create your banner online.


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