Are There Really Free Background Checks?

Submitted by Hillary Kuenn | Category: Web Services | Published on Nov 11, 2005
A review of the various databases and search engines advertising free background checks.

Are There Really Free Background Checks?

Free background checks is a phrase that is searched for quite often. In fact, it is the whole reason we are writing this article.  It is amazing how many people conduct an Internet search for free background checks every day. So, can you really get a free background check or free criminal record search? Yes and no. For employment background checks or any other situation where your business requires quality information, we suggest spending the money for a professional background investigation. Free background checks do exist but are not the proper choice when it comes to your business. Because you found this article, and have read this far, we must assume you are not looking to check on your best friend. Most people have nothing to hide and should be fairly easy to investigate.

Conversely, people who move to avoid debt, are involved in legal action, have criminal charges, avoid child support responsibilities, and so on, are more difficult to investigate. Many people misrepresent their background and credentials, that's why it is important to do at least a little checking to see if what the applicant says about his or her background is true. Many employers do not do any checking, and they often regret that decision. The applicant may be unqualified for the job, or may have some personality trait or experience that causes problems for you later. Educational credentials are frequently misrepresented on resumes and job applications, because many employers don't check educational references. It is important to do it, though, to make sure that the applicant has the qualifications and background you want. Use the following checklist to help you check references: - Inform each applicant that no employment offer will be made until satisfactory reference checks are conducted. - Call or write to each reference given. If you are not going to check references, do not ask for them. If you can't get the requested information from references, ask the job applicant for more information or to clear the way for you with the references he or she gave. - If you do not get a response to a written request to a local employer, call them. You should take note that many employers are reluctant to disclose much about a former employee because they are afraid of being sued, too. If the former supervisor will not tell you anything, record the fact that he or she refused to give any information about why you should not hire the applicant. - If you request references in writing, include a signed release by the job applicant permitting the information you need to check. - Document all information that you receive.

In addition, document unsuccessful tries at gathering information, to protect you from negligent hiring claims. Developing and maintaining the kind of information to help you investigate someone who doesn’t want to be found is time consuming and expensive. That’s why background check services like E-Background Check or BestPeopleSearch must charge a fee. In fact, it can get so confusing and so overwhelming, that some companies like Detective Choice have spent hours and hours organizing a lot of data you can find online yourself. If you value your time at all, the $12.95 expense is well worth it. Again, if your background check is not timely or related to your business, we recommend you try some of the public records available in your county or state. However, if your background check is urgent and challenging, spend the money on a quality service. Websites that attempt to convince you that they have a totally free background checks service are not being totally honest. We spend hours upon hours of time scanning online websites to locate quality Internet services, free background checks sites, and other types of investigation products. If we find them, including an honest to goodness free background checks site, we’ll be sure to post it on our review site.

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