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In the recent years lands down under like Australia, New Zealand and other adjacent Island countries in South Pacific Ocean are getting popular international destinations among students to study abroad.

New Zealand is now emerging as one of the hottest destinations among these countries to study and certainly getting as popular as Australia, USA, UK and Singapore.  Universities and colleges in New Zealand provides excellent learning environment and maintains high quality education standards are a few reasons that attract number of students all over the world to study in New Zealand.

New Zealand Universities in New Zealand are internationally recognized for there innovative teaching methods. There are government bodies as well as a few local bodies with in most of the universities in New Zealand that keep a track of quality of education and ensure that education standards are maintained.  Colleges in New Zealand provides three types of degrees bachelors, masters and P.H.D (Doctoral) and number of students all over the globe turns out every year for these programs.

There are various advantages provided for international students who come to study in New Zealand which makes New Zealand one of the best destinations to study.  New Zealand is one of the recommended destinations specifically for students who wants to pursue there PHD Degree. Tuition fees of PHD level courses is now cut down to domestic level course fee and it costs a student approximately NZ$ 4275. There are myriad other advantages like economical cost of living, eligibility of open work permit for spouse of student, eligibility for there children to get educational benefits, students can work part time during the academic secession and many more. Other than these benefits students who have completed there degree gets two year work permit to work in New Zealand. Students can also apply for permanent residentship under skilled migration program if they fulfill the required criteria.  

NZ is one of the safest destinations to study abroad. There are numbers of top international universities in New Zealand and every university offers variety of courses to study these are the reasons for exponential growth of education industry in New Zealand. New Zealand has some of the best international universities which are known worldwide a few of those universities are University of Otago, University of Auckland and University of Canterbury. There are many universities that provide scholarships and financially aid to the students with excellent academic record. Scholarship Committee set up by New Zealand government provides number of scholarships and rewards for undergraduate and post graduate students.   

Every year more than 4000 students from all over the world come down to New Zealand for their higher studies. There are plenty of options that student can opt for there higher studies in New Zealand like arts, science, engineering, bioengineering, business administration, theology, mass communication, animation and medical and health sciences. Along side that there are number of scholarships offered every year, as an international student one can apply for at most 28 scholarships every year. A few of the reputed scholarship schemes are Livestock Emissions & Abatement Research Network (LEARN) Fellowships and New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS).
New Zealand had certainly made a niche in the mind of many students to opt New Zealand as their destination to study abroad. New Zealand alluring more and more students every year and the credit goes to their education system and affordable life style which prompts many students to make there mind to study abroad.


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