Everything You Need To Know About Google Farmer Update

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Information about Google Farmer Update and sites affected by the update. What you need to do, if you are affected by this?

Google rolled out an important update last week ( 24-Feb) to weed out content farm websites from its index.
Many websites have suffered a huge drop in traffic, which caused many anxious webmasters to flock
to Google webmasters forum to get their queries addressed.

Why the update was necessary?

It all started when people started complaining about the quality of the results for thier search engine queries.
Since many content farms had published SEO optimized contents on their websites, Google showed those results on the top. Miffed experts started questioning Google on the quality of the search algorithm. Google responded that action will be taken on the content farms and scraper sites. Danny Sullivan has written an excellent post on this topic here.

Winners and Losers

Losers list is a huge one.  Sistrix report states that sites like ezinearticles.com, suite101.com, articlesbase.com, associatedcontent.com etc., have suffered a huge 90% reduction in their SERPs.Interestingly, for an update that was targeted at content farms, Demand Media’s flagship eHow.com site has escaped the wrath of Google. How? As always, Only Google knows the answer.

Winners include Facebook, YouTube, eBay. You can read a nice round up on the numbers at Search Engine Land.

Are you affected? Contact Google Now.

If you feel that, if you are inadvertently affected by this update, you can contact Google via Webmaster Forums to explain about your website.

Think you're affected by the recent algorithm change? Post here.

Update: Google's Top Search Engineers Matt Cutts and Amit Singhal have named this update as "Panda Update".



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