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Asp.net development applications will contain several directories that will contain the Web.config files as well. Learn more about configuring web.config file in ASP.NET

The XML files will hold the Asp.net development configured files and each of them will be named as is Web.config. Asp.net development applications will contain several directories that will contain the Web.config files as well. The configuration settings is applied by the web.config files not only to the own directory but also to the other child directories that are coming under it. Settings of both the parent directories and the child directories can be modified easily. The configuration hierarchy of the Asp.Net development is systemroot\Microsoft.NET\Framework\versionNumber\CONFIG\Web.config file.

File structure configuration
ASP.Net Whiteboard

XML tags and sub tags will be found in each of the configuration file along with their corresponding attributes. The configuration information will be nested in the and root XML tags. Here are two areas wherein the configuration information will be categorised as the declaration area for the configuration section-handler and the settings area for configuration category.

Configuration settings and editing

The configuration settings can be created or edited through the following methods as the XML files are just very simple files:

  • ASP.Net configuration API can be utilised for this purpose
  • ASP.Net MMC snap in can be used
  • Website administration tools can be used for the ASP.net development applications and websites
  • The configuration information can be directly edited by making used of the text editor or XML editor

Case sensitive

The XML tags, sub tags as well as the attributes must be case sensitive in order to form the tags in the best manner. Camel case is given for the tags names as well as the attribute names. Camel case means that the first letter of the tag name will be in lower case and upper case is for the consecutive integrated word or words but only its first letter. Pascal case is given for the string attributes which will be the upper case for the first letter and upper case too for the first letter of the integrated word or words. Lower case is given for any kind of exception like true or false.

Custom specifications

No assumptions are made regarding the type of the configuration data that is supported by the infrastructure by the ASP.net configuration. The users have the option of making use of the predefined configuration section handlers or they could also use the custom configuration data to create their own handlers.

Remote configuration files and editing

The configuration settings of the files that are placed in remote system could also be modified by making use of the outsource asp.net development. The machine.config and the web.config files that will be present in the Microsoft Internet Information Services application can be modified without any issues. The returned configuration data will contain only inherited configuration settings in case there is no web.config files present. A new file will then be created when a request for this returned configuration data is asked for.

Restart of the application Domain when there are configuration changes

Application domain will restart in case of any changes in the settings in the web.config files. The configSource attribute is used in order to prevent such restart of the system and thereby help outsourced asp.net development team.

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