MySpace Recruiting Environment For Top Internet Marketing Company

Submitted by Mark Yeates | Category: Business | Published on Nov 29, 2007
Topline internet marketing companies are now turning their attention to the MSN MySpace environment as the most lucerative place to find new clients and customers.
Topline internet marketing companies are now turning their attention to the MSN MySpace environment as the most lucerative place to find new clients and customers. Training calls now are all about all about how you can use MySpace to generate a huge Number of Sign-ups. A recent special test conducted by In Touch Media Group a publically traded company with Craig Garcia of EDCGold for the last 45 days has revealed stunniong results. This was a confidential test that was not announced by Craig to anyone. It has been revelaed that Craig's brand new MySpace site, which ITMG built, became one of the TEN LARGEST MYSPACE Profiles in the business opportunity area, in the WORLD, in just 45 DAYS!! Many eager marketers are now knocking down the doors to find out exactly how they did it and how you others can start doing the same thing in the next 7 days. Many happy marketers are now learning exactly how to generate business from MySpace. You will be stunned at what you learn. Everyone who has been going to these PromoBlackBox calls as been stunned at the internet marketing training we have already done. This call takes the cake though. This is all part and parcel of what is on offer in the release of the Promo Black Box by the innovative EDCGold company. Michael Corcoran successful past owner of Referralware marketing system and front man Craig Garcia have teamed up with super successful online marketer David Dubbs to take their new venture Easy Daily Cash Gold to new heights. David Dubbs completes the third essential element of a successful 21st century online business - marketing expertise. Corcoran represents and excells in the first and most basic element of a successful business which is product substance with the technical programing and software expertise to produce the goods. Corcoran and his program team have a ten year track record in this department and are excelling in this respect in their current venture. The second essential element is to have a high energy front man who excells in communicating the company vision and the companys nuts and bolts daily opperations to their sales members. Garcia has had a long association with Corcoran as Garcia soon rose to be the top producer at Referralware under Corcorans watch due to his commitment to training his sales team. In fact so successful at this was he that he was invited to train the whole compnay sales team. The rest is history as they say. The long and successful association between Corcoran and Garcia continues to this day in the hugely successful Easy Daily Cash Gold business which makrets two different high quality software packages with retail rights. The introduction of David Dubbs into the mixture has proven to be the icing on the cake for EDCGold as Dubbs has committed to sharing all of his marketing expertise with all of the members of this direct sales marketing business. The company specializes in developing and using propriety cutting edge software that assist their members in making sales and are about to release the long awaited co-operative sales rotator connected to pay per click advertising. This means that participating members take their turn to have their personal affiliate websites at the top of high quality key word pay per click advertising untill a sale has been made at their website. Cost is $250 and sales are $297 or $997 yielding a profit of $47 or $747 and company statistics show that 70% of sales are at the $997 level. You can do the math and you will begin to see why this company is on to such an amazing trajectory of success.


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