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Submitted by Loni Nahinu | Category: Business | Published on Feb 04, 2008
With all the many internet opportunities that we have to choose from, how can you tell if one is better than another? Most of the time, they have their sales “pitch” down and sometimes, that’s all they have nailed down.

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With so many internet opportunities to choose from, how can you tell if one is better than another? Most people seek a progressive company with long-term vision and legitimate products. Here are just a few pointers.   1.         Look for 75 – 100% commission. Don’t give money away for your hard work.   2.         If they start talking about making lists of all your friends and family or doing home parties, bolt for the door.   3.         MOST IMPORTANT! Is their training and support in place? Is it cutting edge, consistent and accessible to the whole company?   4.         Do you have access to the Owners and your sponsor via phone and/or webinar? If not, run like heck!   5.         Has the company been around at least a year? Can they survive against their competition?   After months of research and 10 years experience working online, I did find one company that seems to stand out from the rest and here’s why.              They pay out 100% commission per sale. (Not MLM)              The Owners give you their phone number and are accessible.              The comprehensive Web 2.0 training makes their competitors cry “Uncle”!              Their marketing system flat out works!              They offer “live” interactive web support daily.              Amazing products and affordable to get into.              Their compensation plan is one of a kind!              BONUS: A MILLIONAIRE closes sales for you! WOW!   For details, go to:   Entrepreneur and Success Trainer,   Loni Nahinu 916-405-4208  


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