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Thinking about buying an ebook compiler? Wondering what should be taken account of before making the purchase? Here is what you may need to consider so that you get one that is worth the money you spent and meets all your requirements.

Thought about an alternative to creating an ebook in PDF format? May be you will find this useful.

I am not getting deep into the advantages of and disadvantages of ebook compilers with or without products like Adobe acrobat. But may be a distinction between
ebook complier with adobe acrobat might be necessary.

An ebook compiler is a software application that changes a document to an executable (.exe) file. The ebook file created is generally a stand-alone file, which suggests that it doesnít require other software application to execute.

On the other hand, Adobe Acrobat is a software application that converts a document to a readable (PDF) file. The ebook file that is created is not stand-alone and therefore requires an application like Adobe Reader to open it.

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Now letís concentrate on the choice of ebook compiler.

The format of the content of your ebook, such as html, text, word, or MS PowerPoint etc will particularly affect your choice of an ebook compiler. In case you wish to compile an ebook from HTML code because you have written your content using HTML, you will probably need an idea of the HTML language.

You will have numerous options while choosing an ebook compiler because there are simply so many ebook compilers available today. This makes it even more difficult to choose one that is best for you. May be you will like to find out what to consider before buying an ebook compiler.

Ease of Use

If this is one of your concern, then make sure that the software is accompanied by an understandable and non technical manual and enough documentation. Without it, you may find it very difficult or impossible to learn it and no matter how good your ebook compiler is, it will be useless.


Are you thinking of selling your ebook that you generate with the the ebook compiler? If it is then security should be one of your main concerns. Apart from fundamental security features like disabling your eBook content from alteration or restricting a readerís viewing or not allowing printing, you may also want others too. You could perhaps opt for encryption, or use passwords among other security features.


Buying ebook compilers with lots of features is certainly what you would relish. So, you will probably look out for the features before you make the purchase. You may want to add graphics, audios, videos, customized menus and hyperlinks among others. Some compilers even offer other classy features and complete plug-in capabilities for flash, java and shockwave.


This certainly isnít your last option because your budget may dictate to certain extent which ebook compiler you will be buying. In most cases, more features will make the ebook compiler more expensive. But even if budget is not your concern, it certainly doesnít mean with more features, you will have a better compiler. The features that you will be buying should be of use to you and not that they are just for show. Therefore, know your requirements before you make the purchase.


Make sure you know the requirements of the system. If you are considering an HTML based ebook compiler, find out its browser requirements like the browser versions, browser settings and other specifications

Is the ebook compiler you are considering compatible to the operating system you use? For instance some earlier compilers may not function with newer operating systems.


Make sure you get the required support for the chosen ebook compiler. Read the service offer document carefully and also find out if there are free technical consultations for some period.


Find out the age of the ebook compiler that you choose. In many cases, older ones are deemed to be free of bugs and are more reliable. You can also look out for comments made by people who have used the same ebook compiler earlier.

You are also advised to download a demo of the ebook compiler (if they provide one) and test it before you buy one.


I can think of one compiler that I personally liked and would advise people to look at. You can find it at EBook Maker Ver 2.0


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