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Do You Have What It Takes??
How can I stay home and still earn a living? That is the question that Rodney Ramalho will personally answer for you. In order to stay home and still earn; the first thing you need before anything else is a sponsor that will be their for you. My sponsor has done that for me, “Just as I will for you,” says Rodney Ramalho. You need a sponsor that will answer the phone when you have question, someone that will walk you through your personal trials when starting out. Someone that will support you through all of what it takes to become successful. My sponsor has taught me all I need to know and then some. He is a marketing master in the industry, so I have learned from one of the best.  It takes several characteristics to become a entrepreneur in this business. You have to be self motivated, willing to learn a new skill,you need confidence, you need trust, and you need to dedicate a few hours a day to your business. This industry is huge, billions of people are doing this and making a minimum of $52,000 yearly, thats just one sale per week, just do the math. What if you were able to do one sale per day which is very possible, what does that total. This new system, Road Map to Riches is taking over the market. The net is flooded with information and members that are completely happy. You will be too with all the self help products they have to offer you for once you have become a member on the Ramalho Team!  If this sounds like you and you want to make a change in your life and be able to live the life you have always dreamed then take the time to visit for free information on how to get started today.  


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