Does The Article Topic Really Matter When Doing Local Business Article Marketing?

Submitted by Steve Shaw | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Dec 16, 2010
Writing articles for local business article marketing is a bit different than writing articles for a website that is not tied to any location.

Writing articles for local business article marketing is a bit different than writing articles for a website that is not tied to any location.

When you are writing articles for a local business, your main keywords will include your city. It is awfully hard to write every article on your topic and also having to legitimately do with your city.

Many people try to do this, and their articles end up declined on the publisher level. You see, in order to include your city in your article title and the article body, the article must provide information that specifically applies to that city.

For example, if you have an article entitled "How To Buy A House In Miami, Florida", the article must specifically deal with buying a house in Miami and would not include tips that apply to any location on the planet.

You may be able to come up with a few articles that are specific to your location and your niche, but very quickly you will run out of topics.

That is okay and nothing to worry about—why?

Because your goal with article marketing is for your website to get a higher ranking in Google, and it is the link in your resource box (with your location specific keyword terms forming the link) that tells Google what your website is about and influences your search engine ranking.

So, I always tell local business owners not to worry about trying to get your location in the article body and title—just write on your general niche and then use your location specific keywords in the resource box, making sure that you use your keywords as anchor text for the link.

Recently I received an interesting question on this topic, and I thought it would be worthwhile to cover in an article:

"If article marketing is really about getting links from the resource box, then does it matter what the article itself is about? For example, if I am a London dentist, would it not work just as well for me to write articles about London theater and then have a resource box that uses the keywords 'London dentist'?"

Great question—does the article topic really matter when doing local business article marketing.

Most certainly yes! Why?

1 - Context Matters:

When Google is looking at the link going to your website, it looks at all the content on the web page. The context in which the link to your website is found increases the significance (the importance) of the link.

So, a link using the words 'London dentist' will make much more sense to Google if it is found on a page containing information about dentistry than about the theater.

Always write on your general niche!

2 - Remember you are writing for humans, first and foremost.

Now, imagine that someone interested in London theater finds your article and loves it. They look at the resource box to learn more about the author and see where they can find more information about this topic, and what do they find?

Information about London dentists! What?

What are the odds that a person interested in the theater would feel compelled to click the link in that resource box going to the dentist's website? Pretty low I imagine.

The lesson: Don't waste your chance to get a direct click-through from your article. You are hoping to attract people who are interested in your niche, so you must write articles that are on that topic.

Always write for your target readers!

Doing local business article marketing is not hard. You just need to make a little strategy adjustment to how you write. Writing on your general topic (rather than on your city and your topic) will help you write articles more easily. The easier it is for you to come up with writing topics on your niche, the more likely you will be to maintain your article submissions over the long term, which is a necessary ingredient to article marketing success.

Remember, always write on your general niche and leave the location specific keywords for your resource box. It will pay off in the end!


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