Article Marketing Strategy: Do Your Resource Box Links Confuse Your Readers?

Submitted by Steve Shaw | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on May 14, 2011
Are you putting all of your effort into your article, and then absentmindedly throwing together a resource box at the last minute?

Are you putting all of your effort into your article, and then absentmindedly throwing together a resource box at the last minute?

Confused I see tons of articles a day, and I cringe every time I see an excellent, well-written article that has a bare bones or confusing resource box (aka author bio).

You do not want to skimp on your author bio box. That is the one spot where you can draw attention to your business and your website--don't waste it!

The article is the work you do, and the resource box is your payment--remember to collect your paycheck!

Here are a few reminders on what you should include (and what you should NOT include) in your resource box:

Your author bio should contain...

=> Your name (optional but recommended).

=> Brief biographical info related to your topic. What makes you an authority on this topic?

=> A reason why the reader should click the link that goes to your website. What is in it for them?

=> And last but not least, a link to your website.

Your bio box should NOT contain...Unrelated links.

Let's say that you have written an article about motorcycles, and in the resource box you appropriately link back to your website that sells motorcycle gear.

That's perfect--any reader of that article would likely be interested to see more information on that topic.

But wait! You have the idea to make your resource box work even harder for you. You decide to also include a link to your other website, the one about baby clothes.

Why is this not a good idea?

If your article is about motorcycles, it would not be appropriate to link to your site about baby clothes for a few reasons:

=> The readers of the article about motorcycles would be confused when they see a link to a site on baby clothes in the resource box. This distracts the reader from the link that really is relevant, the one to your motorcycle site.

=> Google and the other search engines are confused too. You see, a link only makes sense in the context where it is placed.

The motorcycle site link on a page about motorcycles makes sense. The baby clothes link on a web page about motorcycles does not make sense. It does not pay off SEO-wise to include unrelated links in the resource box.

=> The space in a resource box is precious, and you should choose your words carefully. All of your effort should be used to try to get the reader to go back to the website related to the article.

Your bio box should NOT contain...Just keywords and no bio info.

You have learned that your resource box is a great place to bring attention to your keywords. The method is to use your keywords as anchor text for the link that goes back to your website.

Be sure that your keyword appear in a fully fleshed out resource box, one that contains your name, a brief bio, and an incentive to click the link.

Remember, the link in the resource box is not just for the search engines--there will be actual humans reading your articles, and you will have a much better shot at getting people to click the link in your resource box if you go the whole nine yards including your name, bio, etc.

I hope this info is helpful to you. Just follow the instructions on what information to include in the author bio box, and resist the urge to use short cuts or add unrelated links.

You will get more direct clicks from your articles, and the link in your bio box will be more powerful in Google's eyes.

Is all of this clear? Do you have any questions about how to make the best resource box possible?


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