Do not let Expired Pages of your Website to Deteriorate your SEO Investment

Submitted by Alan Smith | Category: Search Engine Optimization | Published on Dec 30, 2010
The importance of cleaning up expired products is that you are going to create a lot of useless pages and your site only has a certain amount of inbound link equity so don't consume it on product pages with no value.

If a product is running short of stock for a short period or temporarily but you are expecting to get it back in stock soon then you should leave the page up from a search engine perspective and you need to make sure that you let the customer know the product is out of stock so if they can order it or be notified when it comes back in than is good but taking the page up and down is bad so don't do it so frequently.

If you have discarded the product and are going out of stock forever then you have a few options like you can leave the page up with a discontinued notice on the page but ideally you should not lose any link equity and 301 the product page to a similar product or category page or home page. In the case of product has been updated or replaced then you need to mange it the same way you would manage a product that goes out of stock forever unless there is some economic value in maintaining an not purchasable archive page to the new product and up one category or back to the home page.

Do you think that are all of your products going to get links? The answer is No but few will because links are like money and once you have them then you don't want to waste them or throw them away so you want to keep them and it is advisable to try any tricks as search engines have said that they will make their own decisions so the last thing you want to do is leave things to chance for the relatively easy technique that works.

In the case of if you are going to have a high volume of items that do this then you'll want to work out an automated system to take care of as much of this as possible so use product names with proper tags or even product categories if you have to and just don't let them expire.

You also need to think about something known as prognostic SEO and if you know that a product is coming then why not put up a page about it in advance so don't be a spammer and put up an empty page rather you need to try to put something up that has some useful information so when is it supposed to be out what are the specs and the price because it's pretty smart to try and capture leads if you can as a way to lock in some future sales.


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